Allen West: What is the future for the ‘real’ American dreamers?

It is time to break the silence of apathy and weakness to secure the future for the real American dreamers.

Allen West American Dreamers


As Written By Allen West for Townhall:

(Editors’ note: This column was co-authored by Luke Twombly)

“Tolerance is a tremendous virtue, but the immediate neighbors of tolerance are apathy and weakness” – Sir James Goldsmith

“When tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide” – LTC Allen B. West (USA, Ret)

The song by Neil Diamond, “America” is one that expresses the true essence of the attainment of that which we refer to as the American dream. It is here upon these shores where one is rewarded for an indomitable, individual drive…that singular thing we call work ethic. Those are the ingredients which go into that “melting pot,” producing entrepreneurs and those seeking “the “pursuit of happiness.” They come to America, to experience and achieve the American dream.

However, what happens when a political ideology perverts language and redefines the word “dream” into a policy that is not consistent with our fundamental values and principles? Such has occurred with the term “dreamer,” as if there is only a specific, politically designated group that is searching for a dream.

All of a sudden there has been an almost Orwellian, political redefinition of a “dreamer.” Dreamers are now, as defined by the Obama administration, any illegal immigrant who claims to have come into the country before the age of 16, whom has also been here continuously for five years, and is currently under age 35. The federal government estimates that there are 1.4 million “dreamers” in the United States. Of that number, 68% are from Mexico, 13% are from Latin America or the Caribbean, and 8% are Asian.

When huge political capital is being expended to secure a desired outcome, who suffers the most?

It is our native born American children and grandchildren, and those who have come to our land legally. For some odd reason, they are not defined as “dreamers,” and even legislation signed into law dismisses their aspirations. While on the other hand, there is a group being politically elevated upon their backs — hence the Dream Act. Fortunately, we have recently witnessed the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against President Obama’s executive amnesty and this ideologically imposed agenda.

But, is this contest over? What are the ramifications for the real American dreamers, our own sons and daughters? Half of this rising Millennial generation has adopted the bleak outlook that the American …

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The Future for the Real American Dreamers – Allen West

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