Allen West: What Jimmy Kimmel just said about little Charlie Gard speaks VOLUMES 

France’s socialistic medical system has shown its ugly side over the issue of infant Charlie Gard. Basically, they passed a death sentence on the baby despite the parent’s wishes. Mr. Allen West calls out Jimmy Kimmel who was quick to defend the Democrat dream of Obamacare because of his son. Where is Jimmy’s voice now? Nothing. Crickets. The same can be said about the turmoil in Venezuela. This failed socialist government is getting no bad press and no press at all. Mr. West calls them out in this article.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yesterday I shared with y’all a forty-some-odd point list evidencing liberal progressive hypocrisy. Well, I got to thinking about a couple of really evident points of hypocrisy. This will not take long, folks.

Remember when the late night ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel shed all those tears about his son — which I commend of course. But then he went on to make a very politicized attack on healthcare in America. He seriously crossed the line from being a concerned dad to trying to influence national policy. That’s a big leap for someone who is, well, I don’t know… a comedian?

But, where has Kimmel’s voice been speaking up for young Charlie Gard? I mean Kimmel can shed tears and rant all he wants about our American healthcare system. However, how does he feel about a government, a court, deciding if a child can live or die? This would be a great opportunity for Kimmel to step up and talk about how he would never want a healthcare system that takes the decision away from parents. How he’d never want a government-run healthcare system that would allow government bureaucrats to make decisions that are personal. Oops, that’s exactly what the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) does as part of Obamacare.

I find it interesting that Kimmel had Republican Senator and medical doctor, Bill Cassidy, on his show. Why doesn’t Kimmel have on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and have him explain his single payer “Medicaid for all” healthcare plan? Unless the unthinkable is true, Kimmel sadly used his son’s ailment as a political battering ram against Republicans. If that’s the case, what a hypocrite.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I haven’t heard Kimmel speak out so vehemently, passionately and emotionally about the Charlie Gard situation…just asking, why not?

And now, how about all that great coverage of the collapse and violence, emanating from the socialist country of Venezuela? I mean did you see the pictures of the legislators who’d been beaten in the chambers of government by President Maduro’s socialist thugs? Just remember, Barack Obama chummed it up with Hugo Chavez. All those Hollywood stars, such as Sean Penn, were praising Chavez and his socialist vision in Venezuela. There was such a love affair. So where’s all the liberal progressive media coverage now?

Look folks, our dear friends of the progressive socialist persuasion just make it so very easy! I’ll be awaiting their responses to our inquiries on their hypocrisy. Oh, let me tell you what their answer will be “it’s Russia.” Or the even more intellectual response of “impeach Trump.” You know, after all, the collapse of Obamacare, and I suppose Venezuela’s collapse, are all the fault of President Donald Trump. Oh well.

And, as a closing, pay attention to how conservative Texans deal with traitorous “Republicans.” I would suspect that current Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus, won’t be around in his post for too long. I suppose he could just be a man, and ……..


What Jimmy Kimmel just said about little Charlie Gard speaks VOLUMES – Allen B. West –


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