Allen West: What just happened at the DoD gives me SERIOUS concerns about “deep state” infiltration 

The Department of Defense seems to have its own Deep State issue with a Deputy Defense Secretary by the name of Robert Work. He issued directives for the military to assimilate transgenders into the force. There is even a trio of retired generals who are urging Secretary Mattis to get on with the program. Retired LTCOL Allen B. West has some thoughts about this that you should read.

As Written By Allen B. West:

This week we saw the face of the “deep state” resistance movement and how it can adversely affect the Trump administration. That face was of 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, a former member of the U.S. Air Force who possessed a top secret clearance which she used to illegally gain access to classified information and shared with a far left media outlet.

We constantly hear the mantra of “drain the swamp” but we must ask, just how deep is this infestation that seeks to undermine and sabotage the Trump administration? Actually, there could be nothing more undemocratic than to have a subversive effort to counter the results of a fair election last November. Oops, sorry, that same group of subversives is the one incessantly trying to delegitimize the electoral results.

However, what if you have the effort to obstruct, undermine, and derail the incoming administration hiding in plain sight? As this week we focused on the Comey testimony, U.K. elections, ISIS attack in Iran, Saudi Arabia’s termination of relations with Qatar, and the issue of Islamic jihadism in the UK, there was a story that certainly won’t receive much attention. But it’s a story that requires an assessment and analysis, as it’s indicative of a major issue with the Trump administration.

As reported by The Hill, “A trio of retired generals is urging Defense Secretary James Mattis not to delay accepting transgender recruits into the military after reports that the Pentagon chief was considering such a move.

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has stated that he will make personnel decisions based on evidence about what best promotes force readiness,” retired Army Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, retired Army Major Gen. Gale Pollock and retired Army Brig. Gen. Clara Adams-Ender wrote in a statement provided to The Hill.

If he is serious about that commitment, he will maintain existing policy and make clear that there will be no return to the days of forcing capable applicants to lie in order to serve their country,” they said. Transgender troops already in the military have been able to serve openly since then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter lifted the ban in June 2016. But under the policy Carter crafted, transgender recruits haven’t been allowed to enlist pending the end of a one-year implementation period. That day arrives July 1 under the timeline set under Carter, but reports emerged last week indicating that Mattis might indefinitely delay a decision.

In early May, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work sent a memo calling for the services to submit their plans for accepting transgender recruits by July 1. The memo said there’s no intention of changing the policy “unless they cause readiness problems that could lessen our ability to fight, survive and win on the battlefield.” On the heels of the memo, senior leaders in the military, particularly the Army and Marines, have reportedly been voicing concerns about the policy and asking for a delay in its implementation.”

First, I need remind folks exactly who is LTG (Ret) Claudia Kennedy. LTG Kennedy rose to prominence during the Clinton administration to become the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for Intelligence. It was LTG Kennedy who advised President Clinton that it was necessary to take on the “Warrior ethos culture” of the military, namely the Army. And as a result, I recall the implementation of the “Consideration of Others (COO)” training. I was a young Brigade Operations Officer when this came down and it required a weekly platoon level sit down to discuss vignettes addressing emotional issues and acceptance. And each platoon element had to turn in a report on their COO training. You must understand that this was the same time when we were experiencing shortages of training ammunition and resources in order to maintain our weapons proficiency.

Along with LTG Kennedy we have two very accomplished retired general officers who were former eads of the US Army Nurse Corps. We all thank them for their service, and BG (Ret) Adams-Ender was a trailblazer, but are we to rely on their assessment in this matter? After all, what these three retired generals are advocating is that the U.S. military allow entry of individuals suffering from a mental condition called gender dysphoria. Do these three retired generals embrace a belief that it’d no longer a privilege to serve in our military? Do they believe social egalitarianism and social engineering supersedes the standards that advance a cohesive fighting organization? Do they accept the progressive socialist premise that the military must now bend to the whims of society and its accepted social and sexual behaviors? This is a dangerous road and it’s one the American people voted not to travel back in November 2016.

Our military takes individuals and conforms them to a standard, to an organization whose profit margin is not in dollars, but lives. It’s an organization that once sought the highest standards of moral character, commitment and conviction, not to oneself, but to a nation…and it’s a volunteer organization, not one pressing people into service.

One would think that after this whole escapade with Bradley Manning we’d see the obvious concerns about gender dysphoria in the military. Do these three retired generals believe the U.S. taxpayer is on the hook for counseling and gender reassignment surgeries, as well as facility renovations? How much money did the U.S. military spend on developing its transgender policy implementation and training program? Could those funds have gone to ensure we have the requisite amount of spare parts for our combat aviation aircraft instead of having our maintenance personnel scour museums and boneyards? Yes, a singular gender reassignment surgery costs approximately $30,000.

But ask yourself, why is an Obama holdover, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work, making any policy decisions in the Trump administration? We are five months into the Trump administration. Robert Work, the Obama DoD deputy who withheld a Defense Business Panel report on wasteful civilian bureaucracy spending is issuing memos on policy? Work is demanding services to submit plans for transgender recruit implementation? No, this isn’t what the American people voted for in November 2016, and why is this person in that position?

This is a serious issue for the Trump administration and, unless President Trump wants this, Work should have been shut down, he should have been shown the door and a temporary person hold that spot until someone was nominated and confirmed. The fact that Work’s memo stated that, “there’s no intention of………


What just happened at the DoD gives me very SERIOUS concerns about “deep state” infiltration – Allen B. West –

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