Allen West: SICK! Here’s what Obama did right after the bomb hit NY

As we head into the homestretch of this presidential election cycle, lets all of us deplorables make sure we don’t have another resident of the den of dummies to be our president.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Saturday was the 229th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution. It was also a day when many across the country were focused on their favorite college football team — there were some awesome upsets.

But, it appears there were those whose focus was elsewhere. As you know by now, Saturday saw a rash of terror attacks. And yes, that’s what they were. We here at express our sincere regards and sympathies to every person wounded in these weekend incidents.

Of course, that’s not something our president, B. Hussein Obama could find in his heart to do.

On Sunday, Obama what he does best, and according to the Gateway Pundit,spoke at a high dollar fundraiser at the home of restaurateur Danny Meyer, owner of Shake Shack.

Pool reports from the event show no comment from Obama about the attack that was actually two pressure cooker bombs set four blocks apart. The second one failed to detonate and was taken for examination by authorities. There was also a similar bomb that exploded in New Jersey earlier Saturday that targeted a Marine Corps charity run without wounding anyone while in Minnesota a mass stabbing attack by a Somali Muslim that wounded nine was claimed by ISIS.

Obama did speak about Hillary Clinton’s troubled presidential campaign against Donald Trump blaming Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and sexism for Clinton’s flailing campaign.

Now, what parallel does anyone see here – the Boston Marathon perhaps? And the fact that once again a pressure cooker device was involved is the exact same tool of terrorism used by the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston.

We also know the terrorist magazine “Inspire” has provided instructions on how to create a pressure cooker bomb — and folks, pipe bombs are a form of IED, improvised explosive device. And the cellphone attachment is textbook jihadist IED template.

But, it’s not just what happened in New York and New Jersey. In Minnesota a jihadist dressed in a security uniform ran about at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud shouting “Allahu Akbar,” even asking a victim of his stabbing rage if he was Muslim. And if y’all haven’t been paying attention, St. Cloud is a hot bed of Islamic jihadist activity and recruiting, within the very isolated Somali community there. In the St. Cloud area, there have been nine terrorist-related convictions of Somali men. All of this happened on Constitution Day, when 37 Americans had the face of Islamic terror — yep, gonna say it — bring harm to them, and perhaps change their lives forever.

Now, the progressive socialist left will do as they do best and attack the messenger here. Their response is always about being thoughtful, nuanced, wise in waiting, cautious, and they always advocate to NEVER jumping to conclusions. I find that so very hypocritical as the left takes a different course of advance when an incident involves our police.

As a matter of fact, it was Barack Obama who stupidly asserted that the Cambridge PD had “acted stupidly.” He’s also the same person who, in the face of the San Bernardino and Orlando Islamic terror attacks, where 63 Americans were killed, rushed to conclusion promoting a solution of gun control. It’s the same Barack Obama who now wants to bring in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States, all on our dime of course. And he seeks to do this as we witness the rise in attacks in Germany and across Europe from an enemy that has infiltrated the refugee flow — as they said they would.

However, the liberal progressive left doesn’t want to hear the truth or facts. They want to continue to live in their world of rainbows and unicorns. They want to continue down the path of obfuscation, denial and lying to us about the nature and ability of this enemy.

Donald Trump called it a bomb, the left went nuts – well what the heck do you call a device that when detonated goes “kaboom?” Investigations are based on trend analysis, and if you observe the trends here, there’s a simple deduction because we know the modus operandi — pressure cookers, cellphones. As well, there are those who will dismiss this saying the bombs weren’t placed in an area with heavy foot traffic and population movement — it wasn’t in Times Square. Sure, but perhaps this was a rehearsal for something far bigger…and it is an Islamic jihadist TTP (tactic, technique, and procedure) to lay out a complimentary IED with a primary one…why? The goal would be to detonate and inflict more damage on first responders and the crowd that gathers to see what happened.

What we need to garner from these events on Constitution Day 2016 is that the progressive socialist left doesn’t have the common sense to engage this enemy. They prefer to tell us all it was climate change that made the bomb go off. It was the weather that upset the Islamic jihadist in St. Cloud causing him to ask a person hisreligion and stab Americans while shouting a jihadist slogan. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, de Blasio, these are people incapable of doing that which is their primary responsibility: protecting us from harm and danger. They prefer to advocate for an ideological fight — climate change — and play a politically-correct game resulting in Americans being the targets of evil doers.

In the minds of people like Hillary Clinton what I’m writing casts me as an Islamophobe, and therefore a member of the basket of deplorables. I’d rather be in that basket, than in the den of dummies who cannot reconcile themselves to understand there is an enemy we must recognize and defeat.

Hat tip to the off duty St. Cloud police officer who shot and took down the jihadist at the Crossroads Mall. I just have to wonder if these idiots who’ve been taking a knee and spewing word vomit about “police brutality” will take the time to call this police officer and offer thanks? I doubt it, as they represent another group of fools occupying the den of dummies.

As we head into the homestretch of this presidential election cycle, lets all of us deplorables make sure we don’t have another resident of the den of dummies to be our president. We’ve suffered over these past …

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SICK: Here’s what Obama did right after the bomb hit NY… – Allen B. West –

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