Allen West “What the GOP establishment is about to do to Donald Trump is INSANE”

Do you think this is going to backfire on the GOP?

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As Written By Allen B. West:

Today former governor and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is delivering an address on the 2016 GOP presidential primary – hoping to rip Donald Trump’s aspirations to shreds. What he will embark on is a very dangerous endeavor.

Mitt Romney, the man who lost horribly to a pathetic Barack Obama who said, “If you own a business, you didn’t build that” –yes this Mitt Romney is going to “warn” us about Donald J. Trump — the same Donald J. Trump whom Romney sought out for support in 2012.

In excerpts released ahead of the speech to be given in Utah at the Hinckley Institute of Romney will accuse Trump of “playing the American public for suckers” and call him a “phony” and a “fraud.”

The GOP elite class, the establishment, is playing with fire with this seemingly highbrow patrician class appeal to our “senses.” We’ve seen this play before with the pummeling unleashed on Newt Gingrich by Mitt Romney after he was defeated by the former Speaker in South Carolina.

It would be best if the GOP elites just allow the will of the people to evidence itself in this primary. Instead we see their desperation. What the GOP establishment fails to comprehend is their failure to adhere to conservative principles created Donald J. Trump.

I just have to ask, is Mitt Romney concerned about the future of our Constitutional Republic, or maintaining the power of the crony corporate capitalists?


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