Allen West: What these lily-livered white progressives just did is DAMN DISRESPECTFUL 

This is completely indicative of the soft bigotry of low expectations that have been the hallmark of the progressive left when it comes to dealing with the black community.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Greetings, everyone, from Cozumel where by the time most of you are reading this missive, I’ll be out on the Caribbean Sea about to take a nice dive. I am here with the Dive Pirates Foundation which does adaptive diving instruction for individuals with spinal injuries and amputees. We’re scouting out the possibility of holding a full Dive Pirates week here next summer. I’m reunited with my buddy Marlene, a former US Army Captain who lost her right leg in Iraq, during an IED ambush. God only knows if the device used was an Iranian-supplied explosive force penetrator.

It’s nice and humid here; being from Georgia, I love it. We also have a young female Major here with us, stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, who will be doing her open water certification. Now, I took this break to just relax and decompress a bit, but can’t completely unplug — especially when I read about really dumb stuff.

As reported by CBS DC, Georgetown University will give preference in admissions to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits as part of its effort to atone for profiting from the sale of enslaved people. 

Georgetown president John DeGioia told news outlets that the university in Washington will implement the admissions preferences. He says Georgetown will need to identify and reach out to descendants of slaves and recruit them to the university. 

On Thursday morning, a university committee released a report that also called on its leaders to offer a formal apology for the university’s participation in the slave trade. 

In 1838, two priests who served as president of the university orchestrated the sale of 272 people to pay off debts at the school. The slaves were sent from Maryland to plantations in Louisiana. 

The university says it will give descendants of those slaves “the same consideration we give members of the Georgetown community” when they apply. Georgetown President John DeGioia penned a letter to students and faculty Thursday, writing, “I believe the most appropriate ways for us to redress the participation of our predecessors in the institution of slavery is to address the manifestations of the legacy of slavery in our time.”

If you want to read the entire 104-page report, it may cause severe cranial agony, but here it is.

Truly, I’m at a loss for words. When will white people — well, chucklehead white liberal progressives — stop with the guilt over slavery. So now, folks who were related to the individuals sold as part of the slave trade in 1838 are to receive special privileges? And pardon me, but what special kind of stupid is Georgetown University President John DeGioia to state it’s necessary to redress the participation of predecessors in order to address the “manifestations” of slavery’s legacy in these times? Doggone, Sir, the only folks who are advancing and promoting slavery in these times are the progressive socialists of the Democrat party who have created a 21st century economic plantation. Their gross expansion of the welfare nanny-state manifested in the soft bigotry of low expectations, evidenced in the broadening dependency society, is where we should be redressing our grievances.

What a stupid and despicable slap in the face of blacks for the new “massa” to believe he’s warranted to just give something away to rectify the socio-economic woes in the black community. This is completely indicative of the soft bigotry of low expectations that have been the hallmark of the progressive left when it comes to dealing with the black community.

How damn disrespectful for this true white-privileged liberal progressive to believe the “descendants” of these individuals from 1838 need his preferential treatment. So, let me pose this question, is it better to have the Georgetown president make this offer, or would it be better that the first black Attorney General, Eric Holder, had not brought a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana for its school voucher program? That is the correct policy solution, to create the equality of opportunity atmosphere where young black kids can earn their way into Georgetown, or wherever they wish, without the arrogance of people like DeGioia who believe in the equality of outcomes — special privilege, my arse!

Why is it that these white liberal progressive socialists continue to believe they need to make restitution for that which their Democrat predecessors did? Today, they’ve just found a better way to enslave blacks, not with physical chains, but the tyranny and oppression of their belief that blacks need their handouts, has destroyed the black family — along with the will and determination that enabled the black community to stand and rise above the hatred and discrimination of segregation.

Let me pose this question: shall universities that used Irish and Chinese slave labor give the descendants of those slaves special privilege? There would be nothing more dishonorable to the Asian community than to have the government grant special privilege their children did not earn. So why is it that the white progressives see blacks as so infantile and needy? It is the ultimate in disrespect.

And if you’re a black who has not required the privilege, the “by or leave,” of white progressive socialists — well, that just drives them apoplectic, resulting in their incessant attacks against your character, your being. Why? Because it’s the goal of the white liberal progressive establishment to still “own” black people. Let us never forget what President Lyndon Baines Johnson said aboard Air Force One regarding getting the Civil Rights Act passed, along with his Great Society welfare state scheme. He knew the ultimate goal, and that was to have those “n!@@#$s voting for us for the next 200 years” — that statement evidences the objective of a new form of enslavement, dependency.

In the day when we have a twice-elected black president, two black attorneys general, a black national security advisor, a black secretary of homeland security we do not need to “redress the participation of our predecessors in the …..

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What these lily-livered white progressives just did is DAMN DISRESPECTFUL – Allen B. West –

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