Allen West “Where is the regard and respect not just for law enforcement officers, but for the law, period?”

by Allen West

Where is the regard and respect not just for law enforcement officers, but for the law, period?” ~ Allen West

As y’all probably know by now, I grew up in the inner city, Old Fourth Ward, in Atlanta. As I have written here previously, there was a respect and regard for law enforcement officers and police — as reinforced by our parents. But something has broken down, especially in inner city communities — the family, and with that, a lack of respect and regard for authority. Accompanying that is the rise of criminal behavior — sometimes very abhorrent behavior – which too many seem able to carelessly dismiss.

I’m no longer living in Florida, but a recent story out of my ol’ stomping grounds of Palm Beach County is yet another testament to the crumbling inner city.

As reported by both BizPac Reivew and also covered by the Sun-Sentinel, “A Delray Beach, Florida man was stopped Tuesday while walking down the street for suspicion of smoking marijuana in public. Rather than talk to police, the man ran into a nearby home — where it seems a party was being held.”

However, the left-leaning South Florida Sun-Sentinel took a different approach based on the words and video of one Cory Provost, a New York City resident who was visiting Delray Beach over the holidays. As the Sun-Sentinel writes, “A witness to a melee that broke out in Delray Beach on Saturday said the situation became heated when police officers approached a birthday party at a house in the Southwest neighborhood. “Provost said two officers wearing uniforms got out of the car, walked onto the lawn and accused the party-goers of smoking marijuana. Provost said that wasn’t true. There was a lot of shouting back and forth, he said. The residents were asking the cops to leave the yard and they didn’t do so.”


Media coverage of Florida melee with police shows how truth is suppressed – Allen B. West –

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