Allen West: Whether or not ISIS claim of responsibility for Las Vegas is true, THIS one fact is

While the real story and all the facts have not been ascertained as of yet, ISIS was quick to claim the murderer in Las Vegas as one of their own. Whether or not he is, there are still some very dangerous issues that we must not loose sight of as events progress. The events that are happening in Europe and Canada should be sufficient warning that things will esculate from this direction, no matter what. Remember that when the Democrat gun-grabbers and their media minions start to work with a crisis too good to waste.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yesterday, ISIS claimed responsibilityfor the massacre in Las Vegas. It remains to be seen whether that claim is true or false, but the shooter expended a lot of effort to prepare. As I wrote yesterday, it does raise questions.

But we cannot lose focus on what ISIS is still carrying out.

Recently there was the report that the Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive — he delivered a verified tape calling for more attacks. So much for that Russian assertion that they’d killed him, just like Putin had gotten rid of chemical weapons in Syria…talk about a lack of credibility.

And so the dog whistle went out and the Islamic jihadists answered. There were two attacks this weekend – perhaps you missed it.

As reported by Fox News, “Canadian police say an attack on an officer outside a football game and a high-speed chase of a U-Haul that left four people injured are being investigated as acts of terrorism. Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht said early Sunday officers have one person in custody and they think he acted alone. The chaos began outside a Canadian Football League game when police say a vehicle rammed a traffic control barricade and sent an officer flying. Knecht said the driver then got out and attacked the officer with a knife. A few hours later, a U-Haul van was stopped at an impaired driving check stop and the driver sped off with police in pursuit. Police say the U-Haul hit and injured four pedestrians before it rolled and the suspect was arrested.” 

It remains imperative that Western democracies end their death warrant of political correctness and drain the swamp of Islamic jihadism within our borders. This is what just confounds me with the Trump administration’s National Security Adviser LTG H.R. McMaster. Why haven’t we had an executive order designating the Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamic terrorist organization?

We must begin to peel the onion back in our nations if we’re going to prevent these types of attacks from continuing. It’s very interesting that this happened in Canada with a leader, Justin Trudeau, who has been so welcoming to more refugees and soft on Islamists. As well, with the release of the Baghdadi tape, there should have been a heightened security status, especially at large audience events, such as any sporting event. But what is mostly disconcerting is that, once again, we lull ourselves into this false sense of security just because one person is believed dead.

Ask yourself, what is the “so what” over the death of Osama bin Laden? Did his demise mean that the global Islamic jihad has ended? Of course not, and this is why we must stop the focus on specified individuals and place a target on the ideology of militant Islamic jihadism. We need a global campaign to defeat a global movement — right now we’re more constraining and restraining upon ourselves preventing that objective.

When you look at a country like England that has Sharia courts operating along with open declarations from Islamic clerics to overthrow and kill “infidels,” you’ve allowed the enemy sanctuary within your country. Here we have influential Islamist groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations that have open access on Capitol Hill, and still in our current presidential administration.

The other apparent response to Baghdadi’s call to violence occurred in France where “Two women were stabbed to death Sunday in a suspected terrorist attack at the Marseille train station. The assailant was shot dead by French security forces, Fox News reported. Police sources told Sky News the attacker shouted “Allahu Akkbar” as he carried out the attack at Gare St. Charles. One woman had her throat slit and the other was stabbed to death, Fox News has learned. The attacker was believed to be a man in his late twenties and of North African background. The area around Marseille’s central station was sealed off following the attack. The station is where four American college students were hospitalized in September after a woman with a history of mental problems attacked them with acid.” 

Is this a coincidence regarding the train station being the center of these two attacks? With this most recent attack, France has experienced Islamic terrorist attacks since January 1, 2016. One just has to ask, how much pain is enough before leaders in Western nations begin to put the pressure on these communities that are harboring Islamic jihadists?

Or even more important, when will we stop having these ill-conceived demonstrations and protests about reducing the amount of immigration emanating from countries that have terrorist bases of operations, failed states, or state sponsors of islamic terrorism. I still cannot fathom why anyone would disagree with a temporary travel halt from a country like Iran, or Syria.

Yes, we have reduced the territorial gains of the Islamic State, but the real question still looms large, have we reduced the expansion of Islamic jihadists ideology? The answer is simple: no. And why have we not done so, why are we still waking up to hear about innocent French women having their throats slit and being stabbed to death?

Well, one thing I will admit, having a Second Amendment right tends to reduce the possibility of these wanton attacks happening. When we arm women and stop making them vulnerable, perhaps we don’t have them being targeted and attacked as such in Marseille.

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Whether or not ISIS claim of responsibility for Las Vegas is true, THIS one fact is… – Allen B. West –

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