Allen West: While Dems were planning shameful “stunt” to embarrass Trump tonight; unintentionally reveal….

The alt-left Democrats, also known as the Democrat Party, is planning a party of disrespect for the President of the United States of America. Shaming seems to be their tool of choice tonight for Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress. It would serve them right id this blows up in their liberal faces. Will Mr. Trump call them on it or will he out-class them in behavior? Film at 11.

As Written by Allen B. West:

Here we are, just over three months since the November 2016 elections and the Democrat Party still exudes a disturbing sense of delusion.

Just this past weekend the Democrats selected former Obama Labor Secretary Thomas Perez as their new chairman. Perez then selected Rep. Keith Ellison as his deputy. And the Democrats are chirping about how they need to connect with the everyday working Americans? Doggone, that is some kind of funny.

This evening President Donald Trump will deliver a speech before a joint session of Congress. It’s not exactly a State of the Union address considering President Trump has been in office just a tad over a month — and how many of his cabinet positions remain unfilled, unconfirmed by a Senate coming back from a week long “recess?” This speech will be more of a policy vision by President Trump and the opportunity to make his case before the House and Senate, and especially the American people.

But, not to be upstaged, the Democrats have a plan to — shall we say an attempt to — embarrass the 45th president of the United States.

As reported by CNN, “Multiple Democratic members of Congress have announced their intentions to bring immigrants with them to President Donald Trump’s speech on Tuesday. The State of the Union-style speech from Trump will be his first joint congressional address, and follows a campaign during which he railed against undocumented immigrants [you mean, illegal aliens] from Mexico and his administration’s more recent moves to step up deportations.

Members of Congress, as well as the President, often invite particular guests to these speeches either to make a political statement or recognize their constituents. But with the outpouring of anger from the Democratic side over Trump’s rhetoric and policies, immigrants and Muslim-Americans will make a statement through their presence in the House chamber as Trump attempts to rally lawmakers around his agenda. 

Rep. Nydia Velazquez, a Democrat from New York, announced Monday that she had invited Hameed Darweesh to the event. Darweesh is an immigrant from Iraq who was detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York in early January because of Trump’s executive order suspending the refugee program and temporarily restricting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. He assisted US forces in Iraq and relocated to the US on a special immigrant visa with his family just as Trump was beginning his presidency. 

Darweesh was among the first immigrants revealed to be detained under Trump’s executive order and was part of a class-action lawsuit that led to a temporary block of the order. A federal judge in Washington later stayed the order pending an argument on the merits, a decision that was affirmed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Velazquez and fellow New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler went to the airport when Darweesh and others were detained and escorted him out of the airport and into the United States upon his release.

And in a display of unity following a highly publicized and tightly contested race to lead the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Keith Ellison announced Monday he would attend the speech with DNC Chairman Tom Perez, the former labor secretary under Obama who defeated Ellison for the spot and then named the congressman deputy DNC chair.

A statement from Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Monday said 10 of the caucus’ members, including Velazquez, invited people who had been or could be personally affected by Trump’s policies. The statement said that among them were two children of recently deported immigrants and a green card holder from Sudan, one of the countries covered by Trump’s travel restrictions. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, an Illinois Democrat and member of the caucus, said his guest would be an immigration attorney who is the daughter of Palestinian refugees. He pledged not to praise a single one of Trump’s comments.”

Let us not forget the famous quip attributed to Albert Einstein that the definition of insanity was continuing to do the same thing, expecting different results.

Remember back at the DNC convention in Philadelphia, where the brilliant Party of the jackass decided to feature mothers of those killed by police officers? And it was also at the DNC convention where a requested moment of silence for law enforcement officers, at the request of the Dallas County Sheriff, was met with jeers and shouts of “Black lives matter.”

Ok, one would think the liberal progressive leftists would come to understand they’re picking the wrong “victims” on their grand stage. And so the Democrats are proving that they are indeed insane, and furthering their political suicide. Those folks who were caught up in the green card faux pas of the Trump Executive Order on the temporary travel halt were cleared, and the issue was rectified.

But here is the real point: with whom do the Democrats associate?

Have you ever seen the Democrats stand with the victims of criminal illegal aliens, like the family of Kate Steinle? Did the left ever show any compassion for US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry who was killed by two illegal aliens? Did we ever see the Democrats stand with the victims of Islamic jihadist attacks in America like Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston? Nah, but Rolling Stone did feature that Tsarnaev brother on its cover.

When President Obama came to Dallas to speak at a memorial service for the five fallen Dallas law enforcement officers, he just couldn’t help himself. He still found a way to weave in the absurd message of the erosion of civil rights. Yet how often did Obama, or any Democrats, stand with the victims of gang violence in Chicago, or heck, any inner city? And remember, the left has been in control of our urban centers for countless years…definitely the years of demise.

I for one am sick and tired of these progressive socialists telling me about “dreamers.” My two daughters are dreamers, but they don’t fit the political victim class of the liberal progressive left. Well, they would if they were sitting at home already with two or three kids by several different irresponsible black males…another problem caused by the supposed benevolence and compassion of the left.

The bottom line is that tonight is just another dumb stunt by the Democrats who’ve made it a habit of choosing the wrong victims. These are folks who care more about establishing illegal alien sanctuary cities than keeping you and your family safe.

Tell me if that’s not the message being sent in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and elsewhere? Rep. Velasquez truly believes she’s doing something valiant, worthy, and honorable. Truthfully she’s just using these individuals in another round of “identity politics” — progressive leftist-style.

And as these liberal socialists talk amongst themselves, they convince each other how noble they are, like …..

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Democrats planning shameful “stunt” to embarrass Trump tonight; unintentionally REVEAL… – Allen B. West –

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