Allen West: While everyone focused on Trump’s tape, something truly TRAGIC happened

How many Americans and law enforcement officers must die before someone seeks to restore the rule of law and order? I’m tired of the rule of the mob and these pandering politicians.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I know everyone’s been captivated by Donald Trump’s comments from 11 years ago. On top of that, we’re in sensory overload from last night’s second presidential debate.

However, did y’all hear about the riots in Palm Springs, California? What, you didn’t hear about Black Lives Matter coming to town and the vandalizing of businesses and cars being set on fire? Didn’t you hear the comments from Barack Obama about how these senseless shootings must end?

Of course you didn’t hear about any of this, because it didn’t happen — and that’s because of what actually did happen.

As reported by the Desert Sun, Police arrested known gang member John Felix in the killing of two Palm Springs police officers Saturday afternoon.

Felix, 26, was captured alive around 12:50 a.m. Sunday morning after a standoff with police lasting 12 hours, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. He is accused of two counts of murder of a peace officer. 

Felix was previously sentenced to four years in prison for a 2009 attempted murder plot in which he confessed to assault with a firearm. He was also arrested in 2013 for fighting with police on the same doorstep where Saturday’s shooting occurred. 

Two police officers were killed and one was wounded in what witnesses described as heavy and sustained gunfire in Palm Springs on Saturday. Felix allegedly shot the three police officers through the closed door of his house, then barricaded himself in his house and exchanged even more gunfire with officers who responded to the initial shooting. 

The shooting plunged Palm Springs into mourning and set off a hunt for the gunman. Investigators remained at the scene of the crime into Sunday morning, calling for Felix to come out of the house. Eventually, Felix was taken into custody peacefully and transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries, according to a press release from the sheriff’s department. 

There will be no riots for this fallen brother and sister of the thin blue line. No law enforcement officers will walk off the job and strike in protest; they will just keep doing what they do every single day, serve and protect.

A career criminal who, like many, has no regard and respect for law enforcement took the lives of our real everyday gladiators who guard our domestic security.

Now, let’s put this into clear perspective. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would not allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a helmet decal to honor the five fallen Dallas police officers…yet he sits on his arse while these overpaid boys take a knee in disrespect to our American flag and National Anthem.

Did any of you hear a speech from Obama? A statement from Hillary Clinton? Nope, because for them our law enforcement officers are not part of their electoral patronage. Last night when Hillary Clinton said she wants to be the president for all Americans, she clearly did not mean our nation’s men and women and blue. She has made that clear from her actions.

Did Barack Obama or California Governor Jerry Brown come out and make a statement about keeping firearms out of the hands of illegals and criminals with felony records? And four years for attempted murder and assault with a firearm — ya gotta be kidding me. And it appears that as soon as Felix was released, he had a confrontation with police, which should’ve been a violation of parole, sending him back to jail. Now, three years later, this cretin who has been allowed to skirt our justice system took it to the next level, and killed two officers and wounded another.

Governor Brown, something is not working in your state, Islamic terrorists are able to get guns and kill Americans. And you have this felon walking the streets of Palm Springs who guns down police. And you, Obama and Hillary, ask yourselves why we law-abiding and peace-loving American citizens want to be armed? Your policies of gun control, while you release criminals and create sanctuary cities, is not something that we will take lying down. We will defend ourselves.

Officer Lesley Zerebny was a new mother; her child was four months old. And Officer Jose Gilbert “Gil” Vega was a 35-year veteran, who was to retire December this year. They were the victims not just of John Felix, but of a failed system. Our sincere condolences to the families of these slain officers and wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded officer.

I cannot believe that attempted murder and assault with a firearm only gave a four-year sentence. I further cannot comprehend how we have a president who releases more criminals and criminal illegal aliens back onto our streets. I cannot believe we have state-level executives and mayors who allow sanctuary cities, the harboring of criminals and those who violate our …..

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While everyone focused on Trump’s tape, something truly TRAGIC happened – Allen B. West –

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