Allen West: While liberals freak about Trump, here’s who should be TRULY afraid

I continue to hear about how so many are scared since Donald J. Trump was elected last week. The recent insidious comments from the Pepsico CEO are just an indicator of how deranged the liberal progressive left has become.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I continue to hear about how so many are scared since Donald J. Trump was elected last week. The recent insidious comments from the Pepsico CEO are just an indicator of how deranged the liberal progressive left has become — and we thought Bush Derangement Syndrome was bad. Heck, Trump has not even had one week since being elected, and is still months from being sworn-in. We have CEOs saying they’ll get a sniper rifle and shoot President-elect Trump, and all they get is a slap-on-the-hand leave of absence — a leave of absence for posting on social media that you would get a sniper rifle and shoot President-elect Trump?

But, consider all this crying going on and ranting about how Armageddon is coming, you know, the apocalypse. Well, there are some folks in the world, who really must fear for their lives…and their fear is real.

As reported by the Washington Post, The Christian and Muslim villagers grew up together, played on the same soccer fields as kids, and attended the same schools in this riverside hamlet. But that didn’t matter on a recent day: An argument between boys sparked clashes between neighbors, with Muslims torching shops owned by Christians. 

Gamal Sobhy, a Christian farmer, ran into the melee to protect his two sons. Someone in the crowd hit him with a stick. Then others jumped in, striking him repeatedly until he fell to the ground with blood seeping from his head. 

“The Muslims were yelling, ‘Kill him, kill him,’ ” Sobhy said a few days after he was released from the hospital. 

Five years ago, many among Egypt’s minority Orthodox Coptic Christians thought the discrimination they had long faced from Muslims would begin to disappear when President Hosni Mubarak was ousted in Egypt’s revolution and the military seized control of the country. 

But in the years since then, as an Islamist government was elected and overthrown, that sense of hope evaporated. 

Attacks against Christians have intensified as mistrust between Christians and Muslims deepens. 

“As Egyptian citizens, Christians don’t feel they are equal to their Muslim counterparts,” said Bishop Makarios, the head of the Coptic diocese in Minya province, where Asem is situated. “They feel oppressed, and marginalized by the law.” 

In Syria and Iraq, Islamic State militants have destroyed churches, abducted Christians and carried out forced conversions. Thousands of Christians have fled their homes in northern Iraq. In Libya last year, Islamic State militants beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians and an additional 31 Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians in two separate attacks. And earlier this year, the Islamic State’s affiliate in Egypt asserted responsibility for the fatal shooting of a priest. 

In Egypt, a “disturbing wave of radicalism” has emerged from the uprising and changes in government and as the economy has worsened, said Bishop Angaelos, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom. 

Egypt’s Christians, who make up 10 percent of the population of 94 million, have felt besieged for decades. In a nation where Islam is the state religion, successive secular but authoritarian regimes have restricted Christians from practicing their beliefs, even though freedom of religion is enshrined in the constitution.

This is another example of the result of Barack Obama’s foreign policy failure. Let’s go back to the 2009 address to the “Muslim world” at Cairo University, where Obama requested members of the Muslim Brotherhood front and center. Just ask yourself: how many Christians have been slaughtered in the Middle East during the tenure of Barack Obama as U.S. president? This scourge that’s been unleashed would be considered an epidemic genocide, except these are Christians being murdered. And of course the Islamopologists will say, this has nothing to do with Islam — so, to what shall we attribute these heinous actions? Because it’s not just some wanton nebulous thing called “violent extremism,” another politically correct term that’s about to be sent packing.

To what are these Copts, Chaldeans and Assyrians being forced to convert, if they’re Christian, to what are they being demanded to accept? And again, this is something that’s rooted in the Hadiths (traditions of Mohammed), based on the letter he sent to the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius demanding conversion, subjugation or death — same still applies to this day, with conclusive evidence.

Just imagine if this were Christians doing so to Muslims — oops, I forgot, don’t forget the Crusades, you know that endeavor first launched in the 11th century. Hmm, let’s see, I believe we’re now in the 21st century. And the reason the Crusades were called by Pope Urban II in 1095, yep, to protect Christians in the Holy Land from Muslim persecution. Yep, it just appears that history has a way of repeating itself if one does not study it — or if one is too politically correct and recalcitrant to accept it!

So, puhleeze, stop telling us here in America that you are scared because Donald Trump has been elected president. Doggone, recently here in America, Christian business owners had more to be afraid of — then again, the radical secular humanist and progressive socialist leftists have no issue with running these Christians out of business. Matter of fact, is there much difference between what was done to the family-owned bakery in Oregon and what happened to Christian businesses in Egypt? The result is the same; they lost their business because of their faith.

The left yells fascist, when they are the fascists. The left yells Islamophobia, when they exhibit Christian-phobia. They left yells free speech, when they want to define what is acceptable speech. They left cries about being afraid, when they are the ones protesting and attacking law enforcement officers. And is there any wonder why they lost the election a week ago? I don’t care how much money George Soros donates to the DNC ($25M to Hillary campaign) or how many meetings he has on Capitol Hill. There is an unholy triumvirate forming between progressive socialists, Islamo-fascists and secular ….


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While liberals freak about Trump, here’s who has reason to be TRULY afraid… – Allen B. West –

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