Allen West “Who Do We Value in America?”

Allen West believes that there should be no reason that a serving member of the United States Armed Forces should ever be forced to live at a poverty level. Having to depend on food stamps to feed your family is something that Congress and the Pentagon could and should fix. What are the causes for this problem and what are the fixes? Retired LTC Allen West, Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) weighs in on this unsettling subject.


As Written By Allen West for Townhall:

Who Do We Value in America?

In this election cycle, the liberal progressive socialist left is going to the ideological bank to tout the important issue of income inequality. We will hear the incessant calls for a $15 minimum wage, which one has to ask, why not $25? What is so magic about the $15 number? This reflects just another easy issue talking point that can be repeated by the masses but never articulated or defended well in a debate forum.

However, it does beg the question: In these times of the current conflagration against the global Islamic jihad and other defined nation-state adversaries, who is it that we value?

I believe that there are two very important groups of people necessary for the existence of a society. The first are those who teach, and notice I said teach, not indoctrinate. There is a very distinct difference. The second group are the ones who defend — the guardians who stand upon freedom’s rampart. And, when one considers the level of compensation for these two groups, well, it appears they are not exactly the ones who are valued.

I should know, having been both.

What concerns me greatly is the fact that here in America, we have our best — those guardians — having to sustain their quality of life on government food subsistence programs. Now, perhaps there are those of you who truly do not care about this issue — hence the titled question of this missive. How is it that we have devolved to a point in our beloved America, where the SEIU purple-shirted protesting union members, supported by leftist organizations and funding, get more attention than the camouflage-wearing defenders of the republic?

Perhaps it is because the defenders are too busy doing just that. Well, I would like to take the time and lend my voice to their plight.

A report from May 2015 stated that, “In 2014 more than $84 million worth of food stamps were spent at military commissaries.” And, understand that there is a movement on Capitol Hill to end the existence of the military family provision institution known as the Commissary. Why is that service important? It provides a place where young military spouses can have quick access to ensure they can feed their families. That is key when their loved ones are spending so much time on deployments or training, since we are so heavily degrading and decimating our military capability. As well, the article states, “The USDA estimates that in 2012, more than 1.5 million veterans used food stamps, about 7 percent of all veterans.” That just should not be the case………


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