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Written by Allen West

Just when you think liberal progressives cannot surprise you anymore, they exceed expectations. Consider this week’s appalling statement emanating from the mouth or some other orifice of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reid stood before the camera on the Senate floor, looked the American people in the eye and declared that the Obamacare horror stories are all untrue.

Basically, Harry Reid called those Americans suffering under the onerous legislative edict called Obamacare liars. What kind of politician – using the word in the most pejorative sense – would make such a statement? Only a progressive socialist hell-bent on implementing tyrannical rule — as Reid exemplified in his abject disregard of Senate rules by changing the filibuster threshold of 60 votes.

Since Reid spoke from prepared notes, his words were obviously intentional. What demented mind wrote those thoughts? It could have only come from the ignorance of a liberal progressive.


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