Allen West: WHOA! Obama just got an INTERNATIONAL one finger salute

Maybe our cup is about to runneth over, folks.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Y’all remember when President Obama was over in Japan, badmouthing Donald Trump by saying world leaders were nervous about him becoming president? Yes, we wrote about that statement here on these pages. Our assessment was that it was Obama who was mostly nervous…and now we know why. And with that, the despots, dictators and theocrats who were nervous because their global security “gravy train” had the potential of ending — no more weak-kneed, compromising, appeasing foreign policy.

But there’s another second and third tier effect from the impending Trump presidency: our real allies, shunned by Obama, are suddenly emboldened.

As reported by World Israel News, “Washington expressed reservations about a proposed Israeli bill that would save thousands of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria. The Obama administration on Monday stated its opposition to the Regulation Bill, saying it was “deeply concerned about it.” 

The Regulation Bill is a proposed law which legalizes Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria that were established with state involvement and possibly built on private land or land not owned by the state. The Obama administration is “very concerned about the advancement of this legislation that would allow for the legalization of Israeli outposts located in private Palestinian land,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters. “

Enacting this law would be profoundly damaging to the prospects for a two-state solution,” he asserted, adding that Washington is “troubled” by comments made by political figures in Israel that the law “would be the first step in annexing parts of the West Bank.” 

“And again, it all goes back to what Secretary Kerry was discussing at the Saban Forum the other day, which is the more you create the realities on the ground that would prohibit a two-state solution, then the harder it’s going to be to get to that two-state solution,” Toner said. 

He reiterated Washington’ stance that the bill was “changing the reality on the ground, and we’re deeply concerned about it. We’re conveying those concerns. The legislation’s not yet passed into law. We hope that it does not become law, but we certainly hope that changes or modifications can be made to it.”

Let me explain something to Barack Obama and his menacing flying monkeys: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not care what you think about his domestic policy relating to his people. And let’s not forget, it was Obama who dispatched his minions to Israel to undermine Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reelection a few years back. It was the disrespectful Obama and his acolytes who shunned Netanyahu when he was invited to address a joint session of Congress on the folly of Obama’s Iranian agreement.

So, I would tend to believe that right now, PM Benjamin Netanyahu is giving Obama — and John Kerry — the international one finger love sign.

First of all, I’ve been to Israel and these are communities, suburbs, and the use of the language of “settlements” and “outposts” depicts the denigrating and condescending nature of the Obama administration towards Israel and Israeli citizens.

This whole concept of a two-state solution has no credibility as long as you have slick dressed terrorists like Abu Mazen aka Mahmoud Abbas at the head of the original Islamic terror group, Fatah.

There is no two-state solution when Fatah is naming streets and squares after jihadists who’ve killed Jewish citizens. It was Abbas who was encouraging the most recent spate of knife attacks and stabbings of Israelis — not exactly an offering of peace, if you ask me. And Obama’s SecState, John Kerry, continues to rail on Israel about being the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

For eight years, Netanyahu has had to endure this, and now he knows it’s only 43 days, 2 hours, 25 minutes, and 50 seconds — and you can bet he has a countdown clock as well, So, the Obama administration doth protest too much, and their outcry is falling upon deaf ears, as well as it should.

Under a Trump administration, Israel will be free to take a stand against the terrorist threats it faces. They will no longer have to be concerned about hellfire missile support being cut off. And you can bet Netanyahu will never have to exit the White House via the backdoor.

Secondly, it is time once again for another history lesson. There is no such thing as “Palestinian lands.” While we get rid of other ill-conceived language such as settlements and outposts…along with ISIL, we need to stop this revisionist propaganda.

Roman Emperor Hadrian first introduced the derivative of the word “palestine” into the region after crushing the Simon Bar Kokhba revolt, circa 132 AD, in the Roman province of…wait for it, Judea. The revolt lasted for some four years and history teaches us that one of the main drivers behind this action was the Roman building over the ruins of Jerusalem a new city, called Aeolia Capitolina, an affront. The Bar Kokhba revolt would become the last of the three Jewish insurrections and was the start of the Jewish diaspora as Jewish people sought to escape from the region. Why?

Emperor Hadrian sought to crush the Jewish people, and saw Judaism as the driving factor behind the insurrections. He therefore decreed, upon victory, that the land known as Judea would become Palaestinia. This reference was derived from the word Philistia named after the ancient Philistines who were descendants of Greeks. Over time the region would be referred to as Palestine, but it had nothing to do with Arab people. History, in fact, teaches us the introduction of the word Palaestinia was meant as punishment for the Jewish people…but those who fail to learn from history are doomed to fall for any propagandized crap.

Judea and Samaria belong to the Jewish people, and being such, they are free to build communities, neighborhoods, suburbs wherever they desire. And now, the Israelis realize that with the victory of Donald Trump on November 8th, they no longer have to live in fear of retribution from a despotic ruler named Barack Obama.

And honestly, they could care less what he or the Obama administration cronies think in these final days as he starts packing. Under the reign of Obama, Israel has seen an already insecure region become more dangerous for their survival, their existence. And anyone siding with Islamic terrorists and jihadists, along with the insidious BDS movement are indeed enemies of our best ally, the Jewish State of Israel. And if Rep. Keith Ellison does become the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, that’s very telling of who the Democrats are.

Obama sought to fundamentally transform America, and damage Israel — his policies certainly give evidence to such.

That wonderful day when I was invited to speak out against the Iranian agreement in New York City’s Time Square before tens of thousands is a moment I will NEVER forget.


My support for Israel is not rooted in any political motivation. It’s all about being a little boy going to Sunday school class at Fort Street United Methodist Church on Boulevard Avenue in Atlanta, and learning about the Bible, starting at the Old Testament, and of Jesus.

My personal salvation is based on a Jewish carpenter from Galilee. America forever shall be my homeland, but Israel is my spiritual homeland. If there is no Israel, there is no Holy Land, there is no place to celebrate the birth of my Christian faith. And as a student of history, I despise those who pervert it for their wrongful gain. Israel now knows that it once again has a friend in America — that hasn’t been the case over the past eight years. And it was ….


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