Allen West “Why at this critical time would Obama veto Keystone XL?” Here’s why

by Allen West

A critical aspect of the 21st century battlefield is energy resources. If you have the ability to control and monopolize energy, you can hold others hostage — as exemplified by Russia. Along with Russia, you have the international mafioso’s known as OPEC — the oligarchy of Oil and Petroleum Exporting Countries.

So why at this critical time, when even ISIS realizes they could make millions of dollars on the black market selling oil, would the president of the United States veto the Keystone XL pipeline project?

This endeavor has gone through all the machinations and obstacles presented and resolved them all — in other words, every single obstruction the progressive socialist environmental left erected have been overcome. It really does seem President Obama cares less about policy than the politics of hearing the voices of those who lost the midterm election in 2014.

What amazes me is how the corrupt liberal progressive media attempts to make this a GOP endeavor — there were quite a few Democrats in the House and Senate who supported Keystone. And it’s funny, how when Democrats thought it could save the reelection of former Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La) they brought it up for vote last December.


Can’t understand Obama’s Keystone veto – even ISIS knows there’s money in oil – Allen B. West –

AW with Neil


Allen West “Why at this critical time would Obama veto Keystone XL?” Here’s why

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