Allen West: Words matter, Mr. President

In this article, retired Army Lieutenant Allen West tells why words matter and it matters that those who use them matter as well. Mr. West will make the case for the education and experience that United States Army Generals have in all aspects of international relations. This will give you an understanding of President Trump’s choices of retired Generals for  his administration.

As Written By Allen West for The Hill:

If we are to be successful, we must use precise language.

Words are important, and they have clear meaning, especially as President Donald Trump begins to craft his strategic vision and direction for the national security of America.

There are two vital objectives for the Trump administration and its success, economic restoration and growth combined with a commitment to our national security and rebuilding a capable military deterrent capacity. But no matter how much our GDP grows, if there is not a sense of security it will matter less.

President Trump has used words such as “eradicate” or “eliminate” ISIS, the Islamic State. Those words sound very strong in the public sphere, however for a military strategist they mean little. This is not to discredit President Trump for lacking a military background. It is about a concise exegesis on what “effects based” operations means.

There have been some concerns about having too many Generals involved in our national security agencies. Who better? It is as if there are those who do not comprehend the level of professional, strategic level, education career military officers receive.

Students at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officers College learn about the four elements of national power fondly referred to as the “D-I-M-E theory,” meaning Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic. When one understands these four elements, tools, of national power it is imperative to ascertain the critical “centers of gravity” of your adversary and develop your desired “effects” you wish to achieve.

Use of our military should always be the last resort as we seek to utilize the other three elements. As Carl von Clausewitz said, “war is a continuation of policy by another means.” History teaches the professional military strategist that wars are fought for three purposes, assimilation, attrition, or annihilation. Wars fought with half-measures…….


Words matter, President Trump | TheHill

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