Allen West “Wounded warrior gets stabbed in the back at SOTU”

Photo: Michael Reynolds/EPA

by Allen West

Last night’s State of the Union (SOTU) address showed a small man talking about small ball issues in order to promote a political agenda. And a wounded warrior with ten combat deployments was trotted out to make political points, even as he was being stabbed in the back by the very politicians applauding him.

In my opinion, there was only one honest moment last night — not a dry eye when Army Ranger SFC Cory Remsburg, who had 10 combat deployments, was honored. SFC Remsburg was injured during a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan and received a thunderous standing ovation. Remsburg represents the best of America, a commitment to service and sacrifice for our Republic.

However, on the House floor were those who voted to cut SFC Remsburg’s annual one percent cost of living adjustment until he reaches the age of 62. You see, SFC Remsburg is a service disabled medically retired veteran who will be affected by the Budget Compromise that President Obama lauded in his speech. As well, the Obama administration has increased the bureaucratic red tape for veterans submitting their claims. Lastly, President Obama’s administration has decided to close 189 Tricare service centers that assist our veterans and their families with their medical claims.

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