Allen West: Y’all progressive socialists got truly bushwhacked, so it’s time for you ADMIT…

Y’all truly got bushwhacked — so admit it, your philosophical and ideological belief system sucks. We like individual freedom, not collective subjugation. We dont like Islamic terrorists beheading us, killing us, forcing us to our knees at gunpoint.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Boy, let me tell ya, there’s nothing more beautiful than Knoxville, Tennessee in the fall. It’s the smell of the clean air, the pure running water, and the orange colors signifying Tennessee football. We landed in Knoxville, staying at the Holiday Inn downtown, and happened to arrive right at the same time as the start of the Knoxville Veterans Day banquet — got to see a World War II-era Marine! It’s just such a true pleasure and honor to be part of an incredible legacy, lineage of men and women who have answered the call to service to preserve this great constitutional Republic…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

You know, there are three distinctive categories we’ve shared with you here on these pages: stupid, stuck on stupid and a special kind of stupid. Y’all remember the hullabaloo about Donald Trump not accepting the results of the presidential election, right? First of all, I found that question truly stupid. And now we have these folks taking to the streets rioting, burning flags and being abjectly petulant evidencing their being “stuck on stupid.”

Now, I don’t mind anyone exercising their First Amendment right, but the hypocrisy of attacking Trump for not accepting election results, now that is priceless…and that’s how progressive socialists roll.

But now, it appears the progressive socialists have attained the very esteemed highest level, “a special kind of stupid.” A petition at urges: On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply pay a small fine – which we can be sure Clinton supporters will be glad to pay! 

We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton. Why? 

Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic. 

Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President. 

Hillary won the popular vote. The only reason Trump “won” is because of the Electoral College. But the Electoral College can actually give the White House to either candidate. So why not use this most undemocratic of our institutions to ensure a democratic result? 

SHE WON THE POPULAR VOTE. There is no reason Trump should be President. 

“It’s the ‘People’s Will’” 

No. She won the popular vote. 

“Our system of government under our Constitution says he wins” No. Our Constitution says the Electors choose. “Too many states prohibit ‘Faithless Electors’” 

24 states bind electors. If electors vote against their party, they usually pay a fine. And people get mad. But they can vote however they want and there is no legal means to stop them in most states.

This is the petition listed on the website. Now just imagine if this were being promulgated on a conservative website as a result of a Trump loss? You’d have the leftist media crying foul and castigating the GOP and conservatives as sore losers and just shut up and accept the results. Why is it that there’s a seemingly different standard for the left, the radicals? We’re supposed to obey. And does anyone find it unconscionable and laughable to the greatest degree that all of a sudden the left is interested in “civics”? They don’t give a doggone about the preservation of this constitutional Republic; they want POWER.

I could come back and say, hey leftist cupcakes, Donald Trump won a YUUUGE majority of counties in America, so that’s it. What the left has done, very well matter of fact, is to focus population density in the urban areas where they have been in POWER, control. These very distinct areas — just check out the county-by-county electoral map of 2016 — are minimal on the landscape of America. This is how the left seeks to maintain a national hold on POWER. What happened on Tuesday and in this election cycle? The rural areas came out in unimaginable force and were able to counter the urban population centers and afford Trump to win in States the left term their “Blue Wall.” There are cracks in that wall, they now know it, and are scared big time.

But imagine if, let’s say, Americans for Prosperity put up a petition such as this on their website. And they offered to pay electors’ fines for not following the suit of their State…you know, those demonic Koch Brothers behind it all. Just imagine. So, here we are — and we clearly know this is George Soros money that would be flowing to these electors — and don’t put it past the left to publish the names of these electors. After all, intimidation is their calling card, that’s part of the “Rules for Radicals.”

I told you, those were crocodile tears Tuesday night, which have now turned to abject anger. The evil empire of the progressive socialist left is not going to take this laying down. They will strike back.

And how about this interesting development from the Washington Post: In the wreckage of Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss, liberal lawmakers and advocacy groups have started plotting a major overhaul of the Democratic National Committee, with the aim of using the staid organization to reconnect the party with working-class voters it lost to President-elect Donald Trump. 

Much of the talk since Tuesday’s election has focused on selecting a new chairman, with the most frequently mentioned successor being Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who backed the primary bid of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

On Thursday afternoon, former Vermont governor Howard Dean (D) offered his service for a second tenure as DNC chairman, saying on Twitter: “The dems need organization and focus on the young. Need a fifty State strategy and tech rehab. I am in for chairman again.”

In an interview, Sanders said he is lobbying for Ellison and argued that the DNC needs to be reoriented so that it becomes less of an insiders’ club “preoccupied” with raising money and more of an advocate for the concerns of the working class. 

“You can’t tell working people you’re on their side while at the same time you’re raising money from Wall Street and the billionaire class,” Sanders said. “The Democratic Party has to be focused on grass-roots America and not wealthy people attending cocktail parties.”

Really? And the Clinton campaign still believes they were perfect and it was everyone else’s fault.

Here’s the deal for this very special kind of stupid: folks do not want these radical progressive socialists. They’re tired of the name-calling and folks who supported Donald Trump are not racists, sexists, suffering from multiple phobias, nor deplorables or irredeemables. So, what is the Democrat answer to the repudiation of progressive socialism — more progressive socialism? Rep. Keith Ellison? I know the guy, he ain’t that smart, furthermore, he has ties to the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is nothing more than Hamas in America. It’s Keith Ellison who represents the area that’s a breeding ground for Islamic jihadists emanating from the Somali refugee community — oops, now I will be called an Islamophobe.

In the U.S. military after any operation we do what’s called an AAR (After Action Review). It’s a serious hard look into what went right, and wrong, in the operation. And you mostly focus on what went wrong. I recommend the members of the new American socialist party do the same. Sadly, they will not; within their echo chambers of liberal progressive newsrooms, college campuses, cocktail parties and elsewhere, they believe we need more socialism. They believe that we’re all stupid, and just wrong. They can’t admit to what happened Tuesday evening….Americans said Sí, Se Puede and No Mas.

Y’all truly got bushwhacked — so admit it, your philosophical and ideological belief system sucks. We like individual freedom, not collective subjugation. We dont like Islamic terrorists beheading us, killing us, forcing us to our knees at gunpoint. We did build this! We don’t want to be part of ….

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After Tuesday, what Bernie’s plotting now is a truly SPECIAL kind of stupid – Allen B. West –

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