Allen West “Yep, that’s a one-finger salute Obama just gave us, no question”

“There can be no debate that Barack Obama is giving the United States the one finger salute here, as he’s determined to do whatever he desires.” ~ Allen West



As Written By Allen B. West:

Well, it’s happened again, and it appears no one in the GOP-controlled House and Senate are going to do anything about it. President Obama has once again violated the U.S. Constitution by releasing more unlawful enemy combatants from GITMO.

As reported by Reuters:

The Pentagon plans to transfer about a dozen inmates of the Guantanamo military prison to at least two countries that have agreed to take them, a U.S. official said on Wednesday, the latest move in President Barack Obama’s final push to close the facility.

The first of the transfers are expected in the next few days and the others will take place in coming weeks, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Among them will be Tariq Ba Odah, a Yemeni man who has been on a long-term hunger strike and has lost about half of his body weight.

The most prominent of those to be resettled over the next several weeks is Bah Odah, a 37-year-old Yemeni who has been force-fed by nasal tube since he stopped eating solid food in 2007.

His weight had dropped to 74 pounds from 148 and his legal team feared he could die of starvation, according to an account in a Reuters report at the end of December.

I just have to ask, how much did the United States pay to keep this Islamic jihadist alive while we’re allowing our veterans to die on waiting lists seeking medical care? I don’t apologize, but my level of care and concern about Tariq Ba Odah is just not that high. If he made the decision to stop eating, then that was his personal decision. Just as it was his personal decision to take up arms in the global Islamic jihad. However, I suppose it’s a reflection of our “values” to care for jihadists while our Veterans, who fought to kill or capture those seeking our demise and destruction, receive less than honorable care.

There are now 91 prisoners at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Most have been held without charge or trial for more than a decade, drawing international condemnation.

Obama, who last month presented Congress with a blueprint for closing the prison, is seeking to make good on his long-time pledge before he leaves office in January. But he faces stiff opposition from many Republican lawmakers, as well as some of his fellow Democrats.

The Pentagon has notified Congress of its latest planned transfers from among the 37 detainees already cleared to be sent to their homelands or other countries, the official said. U.S. officials have said they expect to move out all members of that group by this summer.

Obama’s plan for shuttering the facility calls for bringing the several dozen remaining prisoners to maximum-security prison in the United States. But U.S. law bars such transfers to the mainland, and Obama has not ruled out doing so by use of executive action.

There can be no debate that Barack Obama is giving the United States the one finger salute here, as he’s determined to do whatever he desires. He seems less than concerned that we’re still embroiled in a global conflagration against these Islamic terrorists. Releasing them does not prove anything to these savages; it only conveys weakness.

But what really must be considered is why does Barack Obama feel such compassion for these terrorists in GITMO, along with…….


Yep, that’s a one-finger salute Obama just gave us, no question… – Allen B. West –

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