Allen West “Yep, the duplicitous hypocrisy and double standards are alive and well”


by Allen West via Facebook

Howdy everyone, hope you enjoyed your President’s Day. I took a moment to consider the typical liberal left hypocrisy as evidenced by media attention. Think about the episode involving former IL Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, and his wife and campaign funds misappropriation to the tune of $750M. What, you’re not hearing about that in the media? Imagine if this were instead a former black conservative GOP Member of Congress. Or how about the countless droning stories about a Hispanic Senator taking a drink of water, as opposed to a Hispanic Senator involved in ethics violations and potentially underage prostitution. Yep, the duplicitous hypocrisy and double standards are alive and well…just think if Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and drone attacks on Americans had occurred in a Republican administration.



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