Allen West: Yes, Brazile “confessed, ” but here’s what the media WON’T tell you

Well, Former Democtrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazille admitted or confessed that she fed debate questions to Hillary during the primaries. It is really no surprise that she did it or finally admitted to it. What is noteworthy about this? If you are mainstream media, absolutely nothing to see here. move along. What should they say? Read on.

As Written by Allen B. West:

Y’all know I truly enjoy sharing examples and instances of progressive socialist hypocrisy. And all too often, well, it just comes incredibly easy.

I met Donna Brazile for the first time at the RNC convention last summer in Cleveland. We enjoyed a few moments of light conversation. Of course, there’s very little on which I agree with Ms. Brazile, and it appears top of that list is our definition of integrity.

We shared with you the breaking story about Ms. Brazile’s confession. But just in case you missed it on Friday, as reported by the NY Daily News, Donna Brazile finally came clean. Yes, the fix was in for Hillary Clinton during last year’s Democratic primary. The former Democratic National Committee chair and ex-CNN contributor, in a piece published [in] Time magazine, acknowledged funneling inside info to the Clinton camp before two debates with Bernie Sanders.“

Among the many things I did in my role as Democratic operative and DNC vice chair … was to share potential town hall topics with the Clinton campaign,” writes Brazile. Emails published by WikiLeaks in October exposed the correspondence where Brazile tipped the Hillary camp about questions before the two Democratic Party showdowns. “My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen,” she wrote. “But sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.”

Ms. Brazile without a doubt has serious flaws in her character and it has been reflected in her actions. But when you peruse the major liberal progressive media outlets, you’ll find little mention of this story. Why?

However, you still have the leftist media — and liberal progressives — clamoring about Russian intervention in our election, and collusion with President Trump. Of course these are baseless, speculative empty allegations that have been dismissed by former CIA Director Mike Morrell, and former Director of National Intelligence, General James Clapper.

And yes, I’m still scratching my head over President Trump’s Twitter post about Obama directing wiretapping, surveillance, or whatever. But again, consider the media frenzy over this, as evidenced by the hostile interchange last week between WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer and ABC political reporter Jonathan Karl.

Spicer was correct in challenging Karl about his unrighteous indignation about the president’s tweet but nothing about the Russian assertions of electoral interference.

Here we have definitive proof of the electoral interference of Ms. Brazile, who should be utterly disgraced, but there’d no liberal progressive outrage. Of course not; she’s one of their own. You can just imagine if there was some collusion between then-RNC Chairman Reince Preibus with the Trump campaign, or a Fox News contributor who was feeding debate questions to Trump, what would happen. You can just imagine the liberal progressive media going apoplectic if that were the case — heck, they already are.

But, ponder the even bigger post-election liberal progressive hypocrisy — the violence, the vitriol and insidious emotional breakdowns. Apparently there are these little cupcakes who say they cannot sleep because of Donald Trump. I think I’ll develop, market, and sell the “Obama Binky.” Yes, I think we should make a little warm, fuzzy Obama doll that can say some of his most famous statements like “You can keep your doctor,” “If you own a business, you didn’t build that,” and many others. Those lines are sure to send any little progressive socialist into a peaceful journey to nocturnal bliss. Ok, yes, I jest, but if someone comes up with an “Obama Binky,” you heard it here first!

The real issue of the post-election atmosphere in America is all about hypocrisy, and Donna Brazile is barely the tip of that iceberg. Consider the violence — did you see any of that from constitutional conservatives in eight years?

We have the left preaching this tolerance message but we know that’s oxymoronic, and I can speak from personal experience. There’s only one side that refuses to hear any opposing message.

Remember that the world’s largest Christian university, Liberty University, in Virginia allowed an avowed socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, to deliver an address. However, well… you know where I’m going with this…conservatives being allowed to speak on these liberal campuses — shall I mention Middlebury College?

Not just on college campuses, but look at the vitriol hurled at business owners who admit they supported Donald Trump, or even Christian businesses who hold certain beliefs about marriage — tolerance? We had all this left-wing outrage, spurred forth by Hillary Clinton, about Donald Trump not accepting the results of the election. They derided Trump saying he was a “threat to democracy,” and even Time magazine published a cover spewing their vile assessment along that theme. So what do you call those left wing anarchists who were rioting, destroying property, and burning cars on inauguration day in Washington DC? What do you call this left wing movement, supported by one George Soros, that’s disruptive of town hall meetings and refers to itself as “the resistance” — resistance to what exactly? Democracy perhaps?

Donna Brazile is a liar; non-debatable. But it’s the entire progressive socialist left who are liars and deceivers, who seek to coerce, intimidate and threaten in order to achieve their ends…by any means necessary.

The reaction of the left since the November elections should be something that disturbs us all, and we should NEVER allow these people to be in leadership of our nation. They’ve shown us they’ll do anything in order to achieve power. They’ve also shown us they’ll do anything when they lose power. They’re not interested in a peaceful transition of governance in a…..


Yes, Brazile “confessed, ” but here’s what the media WON’T tell you… – Allen B. West –



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