Allen West: Yes, I was surprised by Trump’s speech last night


LTCOL Allen West gives Donald J. Trump an A+ on his acceptance speech for the GOP nomination of President of The United States. Here were his key observations. You have to admit, although lengthy, Trump covered almost all the bases. One noted thing that he can get to with his next press conference is Right to Life. Read the Colonel’s observations below.

As Written By Allen B. West:

OK, it lasted some 76 minutes, and without a doubt, Donald Trump found a way to give a substantive speech, yep, potentially the longest acceptance speech ever. What was amazing to me was the ability of Trump to keep the audience there engaged and excited. And furthermore, if you weren’t paying attention, a white billionaire guy gave a focused, issue-based, populist message speaking to coal workers and the hopes of inner city kids. Four years ago, Mitt Romney totally failed to connect and never spoke to every segment of our Country.

Trump did a really solid job of laying out the contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton. Trump branded Clinton with his description of her having brought about death, destruction, terrorism and weakness. Hillary Clinton will have to go on defense. And Trump actually did cover many details. Yes, I was surprised. Of course, the challenge now is to build the team, a ground game, and fine-tune the message laid out last evening. The RNC convention had some troubling points, but ya gotta admit, Donald Trump was like Mariano Rivera, he closed the game for a win.

Here are my key observations:

– Trump articulated three main points: safe neighborhoods, secure borders and protection from terrorism. Now tell me, how does one disagree with those three focal points? And he tied in economic prosperity to safe neighborhoods [law and order], not the victim-based welfare nanny state focus of the progressive socialist left and Hillary Clinton.

– Early on, Trump stated, “any politician that does not grasp the nature of this [present] danger does not deserve to be president.” We know that the Democrat party is one of obfuscation, denial, and lies when it comes to the safety and security of the American people. Earlier, I actually heard some idiot on MSNBC talk about a message of fear mongering — tell that to the folks who lost their loved ones at the Pulse Club in Orlando.

– I would say one of the strongest statements came soon after the Code Pink professional protester was detained, “an attack on our law enforcement is an attack on all of us.” If there was EVER a unifying message, that was one. And consider, Hillary Clinton is going to have the mother of Michael Brown speak at the Democrat National Convention — not family members of slain law enforcement officers. Along the same lines, when Trump told the story of the young lady from Nebraska who was killed by an illegal immigrant, it was powerful. And he went back and mentioned the three family members from Monday who lost their children to illegal immigrants. Again, he drew a clear contrast. Trump pivoted off the Democrat, and Hillary Clinton, support of sanctuary cities to ask the very pertinent question: where was the sanctuary for Kate Steinle? Of course, the left NEVER gave her death attention.

– Trump also addressed how illegal immigration has hurt the black and Hispanic community — truth, not pandering. And he finally gave the reason for a border security wall: to end the drugs, gangs and violence. And he has staked out the position of being a law and order POTUS.

– Furthermore, he spoke to our urban communities, “this [Obama] administration has failed America’s inner cities in education, jobs,and crime. I will fight to ensure that kids [and he specifically mentioned Baltimore, Chicago and Ferguson] are treated and protected equally.” Trump said he would rescue inner city kids from failing schools, offering them choice. Gotta tell y’all, I was there four years ago in Tampa, and Mitt Romney NEVER said anything like that.

– Trump was effective in bringing to our attention that it is not the free market that’s failed, it’s crony capitalism. And in a very honest statement he said, “I know the system,” alluding to his dealings with politicians. So he admitted what he’s done, and therefore, he’s more than qualified to fix this corrupt and crony system that’s developed. That allowed Trump to state with strength that, “I am Your Voice.” Again, here’s a billionaire white guy speaking to every corner of America to stop being victims, and he would seek to achieve that end. And his reach out to Bernie Sanders crowd was interesting.

– And for those who have criticized Trump for his position on a “Muslim ban,” he clarified: “any belief that endorses violence, hatred and oppression is not welcome in America.” That should be a premise anyone in America can embrace and agree with — and again, it puts Islamic fascists on the defense. And, ponder this: when was the last time you heard Obama refer to ISIS as barbarians?

– Trump did show humility, REALLY AMAZING, when he mentioned the endorsement of evangelical Christians and his not deserving it; seemingly, he did come full circle and admit his past sins and mistakes. He appeared to grasp the concept of God’s grace and offered the Pastors freedom of speech by revisiting the 1954 Senator Lyndon Johnson amendment; that is YUUUGE.

– And who could not agree with fixing the TSA? Trump’s first 100-day plan to eliminate wasteful government programs is needed, and must be done — did not hear that from Romney four years ago.

– Trump also clarified two key points: 1.) trade, where he stated no more 1,000-page trade agreements, but we shall do individual trade agreements with individual countries, and 2.) on NATO, he explained how American security protection is no longer “free of charge.”

There can be no debate that expectations were low for Donald Trump Thursday evening, but he exceeded and went above and beyond. I’m not about drinking Kool-Aid, and will thump Trump when he screws the pooch, but he done good in closing out the RNC convention. We have existed over the past seven and a half ….

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Yes, I was surprised by Trump’s speech last night… – Allen B. West –

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