Allen West “Yes, there is collusion and infiltration of the Obama admin of Islamists”

by Allen West

Hat tip to Tom Fitton and our friends over at the government watchdog group, Judicial Watch for spreading the word about what many of us have been saying – in this case, it’s how the US Government is purging law enforcement training material deemed “offensive” to Muslims. You can read the report here. It includes a detailed chronology, identifies specific Islamic propaganda organizations, and identifies five top “Islamist influence operators” associated with the Obama administration.

This is part of a wholehearted covert action by domestic Islamists to desensitize Americans to the threats of Islamic totalitarianism. The objectives of these Muslim Brotherhood-associated front groups are clearly laid out in the document discovered during a 1991 FBI raid of a northern Virginia home called the “Explanatory Memorandum of the Strategic Plan of the Muslim Brotherhood for America and North America” written by Mohammed Akram. Download it here.

It’s a tactic that President of the Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney, calls “stealth jihad.”



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