Allen West’s Personal Message for Everyone Who Says They “Fear” Trump…

Donald Trump ain’t perfect, nowhere near, but for those who say they fear him being president…c’mon, you fear him more than what has happened in these past eight years, and what could happen in another four?

As Written By Allen B. West:

Well, it’s been touted for so long, it just had to happen less than a month before our presidential election. Yes, we shared this news with you and the concern of some top military officials about haste, but it has begun: the quest to retake Mosul from ISIS.

Of course, we’ve been telling them we were coming for the entire year. Can you imagine if we’d told the Nazi German Army that we are going to land here, at Normandy, yep, that’s what we’re heading in June when the tides are ok? Yep, amazing. Anyway, this is being cheered by all the Obama acolytes as if we have the second coming of the great Hannibal — just so you know, Hannibal surprised the Romans by crossing the Alps to invade Italy from the north.

But I just gotta tell you, it will not be over soon in Mosul — probably through January. After all it is the second largest city in Iraq. And what ISIS remnants remain are suicide fighters who will seek to draw hefty pounds of flesh and civilians casualties.

This is urban combat, the Iraqi military isn’t prepared for that…and the Kurds have no desire to enter into the Mosul city center, unless there is some reward for their immense sacrifice.

In fact, today the Washington Post reports, Iraqi Kurdish forces advancing toward the northern city of Mosul paused Tuesday on the second day of a long-awaited offensive after the Islamic State staged tough resistance in villages east of the strategic city.

The front lines were largely quiet after fierce fighting as Kurdish forces pushed to retake a string of villages on the edge of their territory as new footholds closer to Mosul — the last main stronghold for the Islamic State in Iraq and a critical showdown for both sides.

Let’s be honest here, this advance by the Iraqi Army and government is an advance for Iran who controls the actions of Baghdad. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Iranian-backed Shiite militias aren’t also taking part in these operations — under the cover of U.S. military airstrikes. Seems to me that’s what we did in Libya — under the direction of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and that hasn’t worked out well in the long term.

But hey, for right now, tune into any MSM liberal progressive outlet and you can bet this is BIG news! And so I decided to search elsewhere for a report on the situation there, not our politically jaded news media.

And look what I found, as reported by Almas Dar News: “The Iraqi Army’s 9th Division, backed by the Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd Al-Sha’abi) and Nineveh Plains Protection Unit (Assyrian paramilitary), liberated the key city of Bashiqa in the southern Mosul countryside last night. Bashiqa’s liberation by the Iraqi Armed Forces and their allies on Sunday night marks the first phase of the Mosul offensive. The city of Bashiqa itself was historically Assyrian; however, it was quickly depopulated after the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) reign of terror began in 2014. With Bashiqa under their control, the Iraqi Armed Forces will now turn their attention to the remaining villages along Mosul’s southern countryside.”

However, ISIS isn’t going away and has reverted to its favorite style of asymmetrical warfare: “At least 31 people have been killed and a further 30 wounded on Saturday according to police and medics in Baghdad after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt in the middle of a Shi’ite gathering. ISIS have taken responsibility for the latest terrorist attack to rock Iraq. The explosion occurred in a tent when people were taking part in an Ashura ritual, mourning the killing of Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Hussein in the 7th century. The tent was set up in a crowded market in the Baghdad’s northern al-Shaab district.”

But the real concern we must have about this situation is that there are many competing actors in this fight, and one has to ask, who are the referees, if there are any?

Fighters backed by Turkey have reportedly taken over the strategic ISIS stronghold of Dabiq in northern Syria after Islamic State jihadists surprisingly withdrew from the town. The significant progress is part of a wider military operation (dubbed Euphrates Shield) completely backed by Turkey to oust the terror group from large swaths along the borders with Syria, as well as to curb the recent advance made by the US-backed Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

Located nearly 10 km from the southern borders of Turkey, Dabiq enjoys a symbolic significance for the ultraconservative jihadi group due to an ancient prophesy depicting Dabiq as an apocalyptic battleground between Islam and Christianity. It also served as an iconic aspect of ISIS glossy propaganda as the organizations’ first magazine.”

The problem I have with our media is that they only report the sensational short sound bite news. They don’t try to provide a greater perspective and analysis of what may be to come in this region.

Let’s start from the beginning and remember it was the insipid and foolish decision of one Barack Obama to withdraw all forces from Iraq, against the better recommendations from the generals. I guess Barack knows better than the generals about strategic military decision-making, or perhaps it’s Valerie Jarrett.

What was once al-Qaida in Iraq that had been defeated, reconstituted as a vile and savage Islamic terror group called ISIS, which took large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. Slowly, with great caution, Obama deployed U.S. troops back into the region, but not wanting them to be engaged in combat. Yep, mission creep. Funny, I guess he found that Status of Forces Agreement after all?

But, while Obama was clumsily handling this issue, others inserted themselves such as the Russians, Iranians, and now Turkey. And the dedicated allies we have in the region, namely the Kurds and Jordanians, weren’t fully utilized and supported.

Instead we have a morass of groups — state military, and paramilitary — who have no overall central control to direct operations — but most importantly guide the aftermath.

What happens if and when Mosul falls back into the hands of a Shiite Iran-backed Iraqi Army and government? Will the Assyrians, who are fighting for their homelands — and I mean these folks and the Chaldeans are the historic people of the land — have a place at the table? Or will they once again be betrayed just as it was post World War I — and look up the abysmal Assyrian genocide at the hands of the Turks.

The Turks, led by a known Islamist Muslim Brotherhood supporter in Erdogan, have crossed into sovereign Syria and are fighting now against ISIS — but for what purpose? The answer: the Turks don’t want to see any advancement of the Kurds in Northern Iraq or Syria and will do anything necessary to prevent that end state.

And perhaps that’s why Erdogan met with Russia’s Putin to secure those ends? Needless to say Erdogan, is no fan of Assad, but he realizes Russia, i.e. Putin, is Assad’s caretaker.

Now, consider this: in Syria, Russia is supporting the Syrian Army who has fighting with it Hezbollah and the Quds Force, both Iranian-backed terrorist groups — now flush with plenty of cash to support their deployments and operations. Just as with the Houthi Rebels in Yemen — remember that place in 2014 that Obama called a model of success for his counter-terrorism strategy?

Yep, this whole Iraqi Army offensive on Mosul sounds great on paper — so did removing Hosni Mubarak from Egypt and Muammar Qaddafi from Libya, also Obama foreign policy endeavors and how has that worked out?

It’s hard to believe all this has happened since we reelected Barack Obama, who admitted he would be more flexible after reelection. And if any of youz guys think this will improve under a Hillary Clinton presidency, well, stop visiting Colorado and smoking whacky weed!

Politicians think in terms of election cycles, and that’s what’s gotten our nation into this horrific foreign policy and national security mess. Statesmen, true leaders, see beyond and ponder the real end state and objectives of all involved.

What I see happening here is a Russo-Iranian power base in the Middle East, one that will be next to impossible to uproot. There was a chance to remake the Middle East in a positive manner since the Sykes-Picot Treaty post World War I has failed — but we elected and reelected a pop star Entertainment Tonight president.

Now, we could make an even grander mistake and elect a corrupt, lying, manipulative, and deceitful president who had a hand in creating this morass.

Donald Trump ain’t perfect, nowhere near, but for those who say they fear him being president…c’mon, you fear him more than what has happened in these past eight years, and what could happen in another four? I hear people say Hillary Clinton is predictable — yeah, and so is the fella to whom her …

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A personal message for everyone who says they “fear” Trump… – Allen B. West –

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