@AllenWest “How deplorable. Now, if it were House Speaker Allen West, this is how I would”


by Allen West via Facebook

President Obama quite obviously fails to understand the difference between politics and policy, and instead misinterprets legislative procedure as “messin’ wit me.” How deplorable. Now, if it were House Speaker Allen West, (who did get two votes by the way), this is how I would be ready to respond to Harry Reid’s foolishness: I would have a bill ready to fund the government with a 6-Continuing Resolution (CR), at current spending levels, that includes a delay in implementation of the individual mandate aligned with delay of the employer mandate to Jan 2015. The six-month CR would also have attached a provision to rescind all 2000 previously granted waivers and exemptions to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and no subsidies or exemptions for Members of and staff of US Congress. Also, the CR would require subsidy verification for individuals entering into government exchanges. Lastly, the CR would have attached a provision to stop the mandatory PPACA cuts to MEDICARE, estimated to be around $270B and no funding for additional 16k IRS agents called for by PPACA. And Speaker Boehner, feel free to adopt this legislative proposal, there is no idea patent law here. President Obama, this is not a case of “messin’ wit ya” – this is how I learned about statesmanship from former Rep. E Clay Shaw Jr.


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