@AllenWest “Let us NEVER forget those for whom the empty chair awaits”


by Allen West via Facebook

Last Friday we remembered those for whom the empty chair awaits, our POWs/MIAs. We remembered our brothers and sisters in arms who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States which last week celebrated its 226th anniversary. However, those Soldiers their families still await the closure that is deserved for any and all who are willing to give that last full measure of devotion to this Republic and their fellow American. As a young fella growing up, I recall the anxiety of knowing my older brother was there in Vietnam at Khe Sanh in the 26th Marine Regiment. Every night I would pray for his safety and that he would return home. I will never forget the fear in our family as we watched the evening news detailing the NVA bombardment. When word came to us of Herman being wounded and MEDEVAC’d out we breathed a sigh of relief. We could have been one of the families who touch “The Wall” for that connection, but worse we could have been one of the families still waiting…Let us NEVER forget those for whom the empty chair awaits. All gave some, some gave all, and some must still be brought home. May God bless our POWs, our MIAs, their families.

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