Ambassador Nikki Haley Slams Russia and the United Nations [Video]

U. S. Ambassador to the Untied Nations, Nikki Haley, pulled no punches at the U.N. today. The subject was the chemical gas attacks in Syria. She blamed the U.N. and Russia for allowing the environment that enabled this situation. President Obama was also criticized for the infamous “line in the sand” that was meaningless. 


As Written by Adam Shaw, Reported, and Seen First on Fox News:

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley slammed Russia Wednesday over its past role blocking the body from holding Syria’s Assad regime accountable, while hinting that the U.S. could take unilateral action in the wake of the latest deadly chemical weapons attack.

Speaking during a Security Council emergency meeting convened in the wake of the attack in northern Syria which killed at least 72 people, Haley said evidence indicates the gas is more lethal than Bashar Assad has used before, and held up pictures of victims.

“We cannot close our eyes to these pictures, we cannot close our minds to the responsibility to act,” she said in a speech to the U.N. Security Council, where a resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons by Syria was proposed.

The Trump administration has pointed its finger at Assad, but Russia claimed that the chemicals were released when Syrian aircraft bombed a rebel-held factory making chemical weapons. At the emergency session, Haley ripped Russia for getting in the way of the United Nations holding Assad accountable after a prior attack in 2013 and accused Russia of defying “the conscience of the world.”

“Russia stood in the way of this accountability, they made an unconscionable choice,” she said, before calling on Russia, which opposed the resolution, to use…..


Haley slams Russia over Syrian chemical attack, warns US may take ‘our own action’ | Fox News

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