America Must Remove Bashar Assad of Syria – Conservative Papers – Peter Paton reports

By Peter Paton

It is in the greater interests of super power America and Nato to remove the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad from office as soon as possible. Assad is guilty of the most heinous crimes against his own people, murdering and slaughtering tens of thousands of his own Syrian people to earn the brutul nickname of the ” Butcher of Damascus “, just like his cruel father Hafeez Assad who ruled Syria with a  rod of iron, and who is infamous for paving the road to Damascus with the corpses of thousands of Syrian freedom fighters, who dared to oppose the autocratic Baath rule of the Assads.

The Assad Regime is the one of the few remaining obstacles to real time peace in the Middle East, the other being Iran under President Mohammed Ahmadinejad, and Assad has long been fomenting terrorism against America and Israel in the Middle East.


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