America Without the Electoral College

It is not surprising after just such an election that the use of the Electorla College would, once again, come into question. The most insightful question I have seen is how would we live, what would we look like, without it. In this unique view, all the fly-over country would soon resemble the Hunger Games. California and New York would determine the answer to every question that arose. We would be all the worse aspects of a pure Democracy. We are a Republic and there are strong arguments for that. Read on.

As Written By John Kass for Chicago Tribune:

Americans are so sick of politics right now that merely mentioning a phrase like “let’s get rid of the Electoral College” might compel some to stick pins in their eyes.

Please! Don’t harm yourselves! Besides, eye stabbing is just too darn chock-full of drama.

So what if I threw in a version of an American future without the Electoral College just to liven things up a bit?

Think of an America with happy, prosperous people living on the East and West coasts, a people secure with great educations, manners, entertainments, wealth. And amenities that come with such a cool future, like driverless cars, humanoid robots and unlimited data directly transmitted to chips embedded in your skulls.

And what of the “heartland,” which politicians privately call “flyover country” but which you and I still call the Midwest?

“Hunger Games.”

Gaunt faces, old clothes, bleak horizons. A giant electrified fence stretching across what were once called “states” but are now called “districts.” And each district ruled by a ….

Full Story Here:

Without Electoral College, we’d live in real-life ‘Hunger Games’ – Chicago Tribune

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