An ‘Uneven Start’ is Claimed by CNN Against 2 Supreme Court Justices

CNN’s Joan Biskupic is seeing an uneven start in the Supreme Court relationships between conservative Justices Roberts and Gorsuch. It may well be that Ms. Biskupic is making some interesting observations and there may be some issues here. How will it affect the Conservatives in the High Court? Will this put conservative issues in jeopardy? 

As Written and Reported By Kevin Daley for the Daily Caller:

Chief Justice John R0berts and Justice Neil Gorsuch may have gotten off to an uneven start, a veteran Supreme Court observer suggested Tuesday.

Though the pair don’t seem to be at odds, an unsteady relationship between the two men could impair the stability of the Court’s conservative majority.

CNN’s Joan Biskupic, a veteran Supreme Court reporter and biographer, reported Tuesday that a rift opened between Roberts and Gorsuch shortly after he joined the Court in April 2017. Gorsuch declined to attend a private session with the other justices, to the chief’s discontent. Roberts, an institutionalist who cares deeply about collegiality and the integrity of the Court, may look askance on even minor snubs.

Though Biskupic is not specific as to the severity of the rift, there appear to be other points of contention.

ust three months later in July, the chief appeared to take a veiled jab at his new colleague during remarks at judicial conference in Pennsylvania. Roberts reiterated his long-held view that the Court should avoid solo concurring and dissenting opinions, and speak with one voice wherever possible.

“There’s a different level of collegiality though and that is to appreciate you are acting as a Court, not as an individual,” he said.

“You do have to take into account other people’s views,” he added. “It’s not just about you. You want to draft an opinion that reflects the views of the…


An Uneven Start For Roberts And Gorsuch? | The Daily Caller

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