An Unparalleled Scandal

This Deep State Update is from a Judicial Watch special panel presentation about the Deep State. This was no lightweight panel that took a look at the Obama administration and its use of the Department of Justice as a weapon against the American public and any and all opposition. What you may find most disturbing is how far back the actions of the Deep State can be traced. This is an eye-opener.

As Written and Reported By Tom Fitton for Breitbart: 

Judicial Watch (JW) recently held a special panel presentation on the Deep State.

Expert panelists included Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who serves on the House Committee on the Judiciary and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform; Vince Coglianese, host of “Mornings on the Mall” at WMAL Radio and editorial director of the Daily Caller; Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, vice president for strategic coordination and operations for the London Center for Policy Research; and Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha.

The Deep State is clearly out of control. Back when Judicial Watch uncovered the Clinton email scandal, the State Department, the Justice Department and the FBI fought tooth-and-nail to withhold documents. Little did JW know that, even as they were protecting Hillary Clinton, these agencies were also targeting her political opponent, Donald Trump. And, since then, JW has uncovered a scandal unparalleled in American history in terms of abuse by government officials, offices, and agencies for political purposes.

The Obama administration used the Justice Department, the FBI, and other agencies to spy on its political opposition; and worked with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, to launder suspect intelligence from foreign nationals and use that as a pretext to spy on Donald Trump and his associates……


Fitton: Deep State Update – An Unparalleled Scandal


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