An Unpredictable Election and the Challenge for America

We are less than a week from the first electoral contest of the 2016 presidential cycle.

Elections 2016

As Written By Allen West for Townhall:

The preseason is over and there is a word that describes what America has seen to this point, and may I borrow from Mr. Spock, “fascinating.” When this cycle kicked off last spring with the first candidates making their announcements, many had already decided who the heir apparent would be but, now, who knows?

On the Democrat side, it was all about one person just showing up. That was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On the GOP side, well, it was the predictable choice of Jeb Bush — after all, the last two previous GOP presidents were his dad and brother. Now, less than a week from the Iowa caucus it all seems quite confounding, even chaotic to some.

When asked about the difference between a socialist and a Democrat by Chris Matthews, both DNC Chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton absolutely bombed. If Mr. Matthews wanted an answer, he had only look at the sensation called Senator Bernie Sanders. The evident answer to the inquiry is none.

The challenge for America is to understand what is a Democrat Socialist? Or, as Hillary Clinton described herself, a Progressive Democrat? More importantly, we may have to ask, do Americans care?

There are four very pertinent points one can surmise as you “feel the Bern” realizing the Democrat Socialist philosophy of governance.

First, there is the principle of wealth redistribution. Bernie Sanders promotes the concept that what is yours, is not yours; it belongs to the government for their redistributive schemes. That belief is deeply rooted in the comment, if you own a business, “you did not build that.” The premise supporting that statement was that a government school educated you and a government road provided access to your establishment. That simpleton belief fails to grasp the idea that people who create businesses hire others, and when people are prosperous and successful they provide the largesse, by way of taxes for the government to build schools and roads.

After all, Margaret Thatcher alluded, “One of the inherent failures of socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” But, don’t tell Bernie Sanders.

Second is the …….. CONTINUE

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