Angela Merkel May Not Like President Trump But She Needs Him

Deep down inside, where she is afraid to look, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be needing the United States of America and our President Donald Trump. There are some very pertinent points as to why she may be behaving the way she is right now. She is a politician, so it is all wound up in local politics. As they say, all politics is local. She has elections coming up this fall. Is this posturing done for the benefit of her party? You can take that all the way to the Deutsche Bank as well as a few other factors discussed below.

As Written By John Moody for Fox News Opinion:

Here’s some unsolicited advice for German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Achtung!

Merkel’s uncalled-for remarks about the United States no longer being a trustworthy partner for its European allies set off a frenzy. Was she so displeased with President Trump during last week’s G-7 meeting? Was their discourse so strident that she thought a verbal warning shot was necessary?

Or is she just trying to keep her job?

Remember, Germany has federal elections scheduled for September, and Merkel, while slightly ahead in most polls, has no sure lock on keeping her party, the Christian Democrats, in the majority. A strong, though receding surge for Socialist Martin Schulz, and a newly energized far-right party, the Alternative for Germany, has squeezed the chancellor, who has been in power since 2005.

But Merkel’s horrible decision to open the gates of Europe to tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa turned her own people against her. Only Germany’s robust economy has saved her from humiliation in the last round of local elections – often an indicator of how federal elections will turn out………


Frau Merkel, you might not like Herr Trump but you need him | Fox News

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