Angry Activists Take To Google Reviews To Pound Chuck Schumer!

New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has really started taking the flack for his ill-starred government shutdown. The Senate Minority Leader thought for some reason that he held the moral high ground in shutting down the Federal Government on behalf of illegal immigrants. He definitely did a bad job of reading the tea leaves.

The polling was so bad that Mr. Schumer had to fold up his shutdown after only 3 days. Now those on the left that he went to bat for are now taking the bat to him. Here is what he has had to suffer.

As Written and Reported By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will, apparently, be made to suffer for his weekend-long wait to collapse in front of Congressional Republicans. Not only has he earned the moniker, “#SchumerSellout,” but left-leaning activists are now camping out on his lawn and, perhaps worst of all, they’re leaving reviews for him on Google Places.

They’re all one-star.

“The idiot just plays games with the Americans, just got my furlough because of this idiot and his left wing extremist minions shutting down the government Get out of office. Get out of America you scum Schumer,” one particularly steamed reviewer wrote about his (possibly) local senator.

“Can’t believe you are leading the charge for a shut down!!!! How am I and others going to pay our bills? While you go on another vacation and cheat people out of money!!!! Disgraceful human who only cares about keeping yourself in office! You have never served the American people, only yourself and illegals! Disgusted with you and others you work with,” fumed another.

Some of the reviews appear to have been made before Schumer led the way in refusing to end a …..


‘One-Star Schumer’: Angry Dems Leave Negative Google Reviews For Senate Leader | Daily Wire

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