Another Cabinet Member About To Lose Their Position?

What is with President Trump and his cabinet members? According to driveby media reports, we have another cabinet position about to come open again. Someone needs to check all the entrances to the White House and see if revolving doors have been installed by mistake. Is all this because President Trump is hard to work for. Maybe he is hard to work for if you are one of the elite beltway swamp creatures. It could be that never-Trumpers and shadow government types are running a sabotage campaign of whispers and lies. After reading this, it is still hard to figure out.

As Written By Jack Crowe for The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump is reportedly mulling whether to dismiss embattled Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replace him with trusted confidante CIA Director Mike Pompeo, days after Tillerson reportedly referred to him as a “moron.”

Pompeo’s name recently surfaced as Tillerson’s potential successor due to his strong relationship with the president and the stability that comes with choosing a replacement from within the existing cabinet, according to Axios.

A member of Trump’s inner circle, Pompeo enjoys unique access to the president, delivering his daily briefings and offering consultation on all foreign policy decisions.

Trump was reportedly furious with Tillerson after reports of their discordcaptured the media’s attention, distracting from Trump’s Wednesday trip to Las Vegas to visit victims of the mass shooting that claimed 59 lives Sunday.

NBC reported Wednesday, citing multiple sources, that Tillerson referred to Trump as a “moron” in front of fellow cabinet officials during a July 20 meeting at the Pentagon. The report also alleged that Tillerson was considering resigning at the time and threatened not to return to the capital after Trump gave an ……..


CIA Director Might Replace Tillerson | The Daily Caller

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