Another Fact Checker Caught Lying … Again 

When you put yourself up as a fact checker on the public stage, you should actually do an honest job of it. When your so-called fact-checking is distorted to promote one political party over another, expect to get called out. That is exactly what happens to lying “fact checker” Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post. 

As Written By John Nolte for the Daily Wire:

In all my years of covering the media, never have I come across a bigger or more shameless liar than Glenn Kessler, the so-called fact-checker for the leftwing Washington Post. His favorite game is calling Republicans liars for telling the truth. Carly Fiorina started out as a secretary. Kessler called her a liar for saying so. Barack Obama did not visit Israel during his first term. Kessler called Mitt Romney a liar for saying so. And on and on…

Last week, the left-wing Kessler (who openly taunts Republicans on his Twitter feed) did the same to President Trump. Here is what Donald Trump said late last month…

t has gotten so bad that nearly 20 million Americans have chosen to pay the penalty or received an exemption rather than buy insurance. That’s something that nobody has ever heard of or thought could happen, and they’re actually doing that rather than being forced to buy insurance.

Pretty straightforward. So let’s break down the cold, hard facts in Trump’s statement. Trump clearly stated that nearly 20 million Americans have either 1) paid the ObamaCare penalty or 2) received an exemption from the penalty. Now, this should be pretty easy to fact check, correct?

Well, in fact, it is, and what Kessler himself found is that when you add up the……

Trump vs. McCaskill: ‘Washington Post’ Fact Checker Caught Lying … Again | Daily Wire

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