Another Mueller Investigator Exposed

They can’t be serious. Did Bob Mueller recruit his Special Counsel “investigators” from HilPac and/or the Clinton Foundation? What a farce. (quote from Dan Bongino on Twitter). Jeannie Rhee is the subject of Mr. Bongino’s incredulity. Who is she and why is she so objectionable?

The revelations in this article bring into question the objectivity of the team put together by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russian collusion in the Presidential election. The personal connections of Ms. Rhee with the Obama administration and her political leanings makes one wonder if she has an ax to grind with President Trump.

Add this to the revelations about FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump correspondence and you have a real integrity problem. Read this and see.

As Written By Bre Payton for The Federalist:

An investigator involved in special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating President Trump served as a personal attorney for Obama administration officials, represented the Clinton Foundation, and even donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham revealed Tuesday night that Jeannie Rhee — whom Mueller hired over the summer to probe President Trump and his associates over charges they worked with Russian officials to steal the election from Hillary Clinton — donated the legal maximum to the former secretary of state’s presidential campaign in 2015 and again in 2016. Rhee has also donated more than $16,000 to Democrats since 2008.

Rhee also served as the personal attorney for Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser for President Barack Obama who infamously bragged about lying to reporters to dupe lawmakers and the public into supporting the Iran Deal.

Earlier this week, news broke that the FBI has dismissed an agent, Peter Strzok, for sending anti-Trump text messages to a co-worker he was allegedly having an affair with. Strzok was one of the two FBI ……..


Mueller Investigator Represented Ben Rhodes, Clinton Foundation

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