Another New Low for Democrats. Is this a Coup attempt? [Video]

The Democrat party will stoop to any level to hinder, harm, or obstruct President Donald Trump. Here you now have a group of 25 Democrats introducing a bill over the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. They want to use this to create a group to wield oversight of the President and declare him incompetent. This is NOT about incompetence, it is all about political viewpoint. It is an outright coup attempt.

As Written By Dr. Gina Loudon for Fox News Opinion:

About 25 Democratic lawmakers have signed on to a bill that would create an Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.

Their goal: declare the President of the United States mentally incompetent under Section V of the 25th Amendment and remove him from office.

This is a distraction on so many levels, but it is disingenuous of those lawmakers – ini part, because they know they can’t get bi-partisan agreement, and also because they would need the vice president to sign off on it, too. That won’t happen.

Particularly disturbing is the fact that lawmakers would turn to this as Americans are coming together to celebrate the birth of our nation, this Independence Day.

When accusing the president of Russian collusion and misogyny didn’t stick, it looks as though Democrats have sought a new low: declaring the President of the United States insane. This is a dangerous and petty sideshow. Not to mention it is unethical for anyone except health care professionals to give medical diagnoses.

John D. Feerick is a former Dean of Law at Fordham University who was a chief architect of the Section of Article 25 that the lawmakers are attempting to use. He cites the original congressional debate on the section that he spearheaded, and he says that policy and political differences are not grounds for enacting Section IV of Article 25 to declare the president ……..


A new low for Democrats – trying to declare the president mentally incompetent | Fox News

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