Another ‘Secret Deal’ by the Obama State Department has come to light

Another ‘Secret Deal’ by the Obama State Department has come to light. It was a deal that was struck with the broadcasting network in Iran, the IRIB. It has come to light when a conflict arose between what the White Huse wants to do to support the protests in Iran and what the State Department has pushed back on. Congress now wants tp know where this sanctions waiver came from. What do you think?

As Written and Reported By Adam Kredo for Free Beacon:

The Trump administration State Department is working to suppress new sanctions on Iran’s propaganda network that were promised to be implemented by the White House in response to a wave of protests that have gripped the Islamic Republic for weeks, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about the matter.

The White House vowed in the opening days of Iran’s countrywide protests against the ruling government that it would take steps to level sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, or IRIB, a satellite service that disseminates propaganda across Iran and routinely censors content.

While Iranian protesters and opponents of the country’s hardline government welcomed the White House’s decision, the State Department is believed to be working against the effort in order to uphold a little-known deal with Iran that was struck during the Obama administration.

The apparent reversal has raised questions in Congress about the nature of the agreement between the Obama administration and Iran that prevents new sanctions on the IRIB. It also has sparked criticism from regional experts who view the move as part of a bid by the State Department to continue appeasing the Iranian ruling regime at a time when dissidents are pleading for help from the United States….


Congress Concerned Another Obama ‘Secret Deal’ With Iran Derailed New Sanctions on Tehran



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