Are Democrats Restarting the Cold War to Hide From WikiLeaks?

In case you have not been paying attention, we are drifting closer and closer to the start of Cold War II. The Democrats are blaming Russia for all the Wikileaks scandals that have erupted around Hillary. Like a good Third World Dictator, pointing to an external threat is a good way to distract from the things that are wrong in your country. Having someone else to blame is always a good liberal progressive tactic. Read it all here.

As Written/Reported by Tim Hains for Real Clear Politics:

Jimmy Dore, host of ‘Aggressive Progressives’ on ‘The Young Turks’ network, says he is disappointed to see the Democratic Party using Russia as a scapegoat for the information revealed by WikiLeaks.

“This is a complete distraction,” he said about the DNC’s pivot to blaming Russia for WikiLeaks. “I hate that it is the Democrats now. We now have two parties of war. And now the Democrats are saber-rattling and building up a boogie-man in Putin, instead of what they should be doing, saying we both have a common enemy: ISIS. Let’s join hands and work to defeat them. That’s not what they’re doing because it makes more political sense for the Democrats to ratchet it up, to ratchet up the Cold War, which is what they’re doing now.”

Image by AuthorCarlos3653 used by permission Wiki Commons
Image by Author Carlos3653 used by permission Wiki Commons

“By the way, when the [Berlin] Wall went down, Reagan assured them that we would not expand NATO, and we’re expanding NATO,” he said. “So we are the ones right now, we are the expanders… This McCarthyism that they’re trying to smear Trump with. There’s so much, you don’t have to smear that guy. But Trump has said he wanted to work with Putin to fight ISIS, while Hillary Clinton has called for a no-fly zone in Syria, which means dead people on the ground, and boots on the ground. And who are we going to shoot down? ISIS doesn’t have any planes. That means a war with Russia. This is beating the drums for war, in fact.”

“I’m bothered by this more than anything: A lot of people are saying that we’re closer to nuclear war now than we ever were during the Cold War,” Dore said…..

Source: TYT’s Jimmy Dore: Democrats Are Restarting The Cold War To Hide From WikiLeaks | Video | RealClearPolitics

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