Are Our U.S. Aircraft Carriers Unstoppable?

United States aircraft carriers seem threatened by China and Russia in their development of  weapons designed to deny areas to their presence.  Adm. John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, does not agree that these weapons are that effective yet. He explains that these systems are in development and the real world problems are not the same as the theory of the weapon. Read his explanation here.

As Written By Alice Lockie for Business Insider:

In a recent interview with National Interest, Dave Majumdar asked Adm. John Richardson point blank if US aircraft carriers could operate inside China or Russia’s supposed anti-access area denial (A2/AD) zones.

The answer was clear — “Yes.”

“This A2/AD, well, it’s certainly a goal for some of our competitors, but achieving that goal is much different and much more complicated,” said Richardson in the interview.

Asked how the Navy would protect carriers, Richardson declined to say exactly for security reasons, but answered generally:

“It’s really a suite of capabilities, but I actually think we’re talking too much in the open about some of the things we’re doing, so I want to be thoughtful about how we talk about things so we don’t give any of our competitors an advantage.”

The Chinese on the other hand, talk openly about the “carrier killer” DF-21D, an indigenously created, precision-guided missile capable of sinking a US aircraft carrier with a single shot and that has a phenomenal range of up to 810 nautical miles, while US carriers’ longest-range missiles can travel only about 550 miles…..

Full Story Here:

Chief Naval Officer: Russia and China can’t stop US aircraft carriers

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