Are you ready for another Special Counsel?

Two Republican Senators, Lindsay Graham, and Chuck Grassley seem to be pushing for another Special Counsel. Their interest in the author of the Russian dossier, Christopher Steele. There are multiple possible reasons for this move by the Senators. One concern is what Steele said that may be conflicting statements. The other reason may have to do with a lack of confidence in Robert Mueller. Here are the nuts and bolts of this development.

As Written and Reported By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Hey, who’s up for another special counsel probe? Lindsay Graham, for one, and Chuck Grassley, but it’s not targeting either of the two major party presidential nominees from 2016. Instead, the two Republican Senators have written to the Department of Justice and FBI to request a criminal investigation of former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. They allege that Steele committed — wait for it — obstruction of justice when questioned about his now-infamous dossier:

Sens. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray asking that they investigate if the former MI6 agent lied to federal authorities.

“I don’t take lightly making a referral for criminal investigation. But, as I would with any credible evidence of a crime unearthed in the course of our investigations, I feel obliged to pass that information along to the Justice Department for appropriate review,” Grassley said in a statement.

Graham added that “after reviewing how Mr. Steele conducted himself in distributing information contained in the dossier and how many stop signs the DOJ ignored in its use of the dossier, I believe that a special counsel needs to review this matter.”

Well, obstruction is the soup du jour in the media, so today’s the perfect day to drop this. Note, however, that the two Judiciary Committee figures were careful to state that they are not necessarily …….


Grassley, Graham: Time for a criminal probe into … Christopher Steele? – Hot Air Hot Air

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