Are You Ready For TSA-Style Security Checks Just to Check-In?

After you go through security checks at the airport to get to your resort, your day of indignities is not yet over. If half of what we know about the Las Vegas incident turns out to be true, then another venue must now be protected for security and safety. Some hotels are already setting up screening of their guests in order to keep their guests safe. What will be the long-term effect? Is this something that is workable and really needed? Is this really a sign that evil is dominating? 

As Written By Andrew Malcolm for Hot Air:

Stand by for security pat-downs just to enter your resort hotel.

It didn’t take long after Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas for resort hotels there to begin implementing new, far more strict security screenings simply to enter the building.

Hotel guests at Wynn’s resort stood in line with a 10-minute wait to be screened. That’s likely to become a new normal as the country’s worst mass shooting forces major tourist meccas to radically re-imagine potential threats and expand their thinking about security against a new range of threats.

As they did at any airport before boarding their flights to Vegas this week, patrons of Wynn’s now have their bags searched before entering and their bodies scanned by metal-detecting wands wielded by uniformed security guards. “We have to start thinking like the Secret Service, and start looking at tall buildings,” said one counter-terrorism expert.

That’s going to make for a lot of scanning — and waiting. Last year Las Vegas alone had nearly 43 million visitors.

Speaking of the Secret Service, its agents will be all over Las Vegas today as President and First Lady Trump visit shooting survivors in the …..


Are you ready for airport security checks-Just to enter a hotel? – Hot Air Hot Air

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