As long as Trump stands firm on immigration, Democrats can’t win

It is readily apparent today that President Trump stands firm on his immigration policies. He forced that Wiley old politician, Senator Chuck Schumer, to back down from his government shutdown in support of illegal alien amnesty. How has this political novice, a man that the left claims is not Presidential, managed to manhandle the Senate Democrats so mercilessly?

The strong point of the story is that this is a winner for the President. The electorate chalks this up as one for the common American. He just needs to stay the course.

As Written and Reported By Rick Moran for the American Thinker:

A bipartisan immigration bill included in the legislation to fund the government through February 8 was attacked by White House spokesman Hogan Gidley, dashing hopes that the government shutdown could end today.

Gidley said the deal is “a giant step in the wrong direction” and that it doesn’t  adequately address the issue of illegal immigration.

The Hill:

“The Flake-Graham-Durbin proposal embodies every reason Americans do not trust Washington.  It puts people who are in this country unlawfully ahead of our own American citizens,” Gidley said in a statement to The Hill, also referring to another sponsor, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)

The White House is trying to discourage Republican lawmakers from signing on[ ]to the plan after the government reopens.

Senators are expected to vote Monday at noon to end debate on a bill that would fund the government through Feb. 8.

If that bill becomes law, it’s expected to restart negotiations over expiring protections for hundreds of thousands of young [aliens] living illegally in the U.S.

Senate [m]ajority [l]eader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Sunday he will bring up immigration legislation next month if the issue is not resolved before the next spending……


White House indicates disapproval of bipartisan immigration bill


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