As the World Burns Down Around Him, Obama Puts Pen to His Farewell

President Barack Obama has announced that he has started penning his farewell address to the nation. The world will now wait breathlessly for his humble statements. I wonder which world of reality this will be written in. Maybe someone can come up with the appropriate drinking game rules for his most used words. This will be a hoot.

As Written By Charles Hurt for the Washington Times:

Bearing his trademark humility and modest historical self-regard, President Obama this week announced that he will, indeed, follow the lead of George Washington and allow “for a peaceful, democratic transfer of power.”

What a guy!

And just in case anybody has failed to grasp how extraordinarily lucky we have been these past eight delightful years, Mr. Obama also announced that he has begun “penning a farewell address to the American people.”

Lord, help us. We don’t deserve this!

It is not enough that we have endured eight long years of arrogance, preaching and failure? Now we have to stand by to watch him revel …


Obama pens farewell as world burns down around him – Washington Times

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