Attacks on Dr. Sebastian Gorka are a False Flag

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is President Trump’s Deputy Assistant. The media has begun a campaign to smear and spin the Doctor’s stance on Islam and terrorism. The spin makes Gorka look Islamophobic and radical. If you study what Dr. Gorka says and does, you cannot come to the media’s conclusions. It is their own distorted view of Islam that is affecting their poor judgement.

As Written By AMIR KAMRANI for the Daily Caller:

Since Donald Trump’s election, the media has launched a full blown war against the new administration. Although the media war against the Trump team has been successful to a certain extent, notably in ousting Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, so far they have not been as effective against others such as Steven Bannon and the most recent smear campaign’s target, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka, the new Deputy Assistant to the President and counterterrorism expert, has recently come under heavy attack by the media and some “experts” whose incoherent strategies and recommendations have led to the current terrorism crisis. A number of unfair articles published by outlets such as The Washington Post, Just Security, and The New York Times have painted Gorka’s counterterrorism views as promoting a war between Islam and the West and have made accusations of Islamophobia. Such attacks are a mischaracterisation of Gorka’s work, and the Islamophobia charge is unfounded. Gorka’s presence in the Trump White House can be the key to a realistic counterterrorism strategy that acknowledges and addresses the spread of radical Islamic ideology while avoiding detrimental politicization.

One charge that is brought up against Gorka is that he frames Muslims as the enemy in the fight against terrorism and that he views the West at war with Islam. Critics argue that Gorka’s emphasis on radical Islamic ideology as terrorism’s primary driving factor is flawed since there are underlying causes such as poverty, oppression, and lack of education that cause radicalization.

However, Gorka’s broader argument, as it is visible in his writings, points to a conflict that is rooted in a particular ideology that advocates for the implementation of a particularly strict and extreme version of Islam not only in ones private life, but in all aspects of human life, including politics.  Gorka focuses on the broader issue behind Islamic terrorism: the struggle between Muslim reformists on one hand who believe in a reformation of Islam in which it acknowledges equal rights for women and religious minorities and is compatible with secularism and democracy, and on the other,  Islamists who believe Sharia law must be the supreme law of the land and the ruler’s legitimacy does not come from the consent of the people, but rather from the implementation of…….


The Media’s Campaign Against Sebastian Gorka | The Daily Caller


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