Attorney General Jeff Sessions has good reasons for recusing himself from the Russian probe [Video]

[VIDEO] Attorney General Jeff Sessions has good reasons for recusing himself from the Russian probe. Jeff Sessions is a proven man of integrity. He wants the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to also be operating in the same model of integrity. Mr. Sessions also wants the American people to have confidence in the procedures of the FISA Court. Read his explanation AND also watch the video.

As Written and Reported By Adam Shaw for Fox News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Saturday defended his decision to recuse himself from any investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election — a decision for which he has repeatedly been criticized for by President Trump.

Sessions addressed the issue in response to a question after a speech at a Federalist Society event at Georgetown University. When asked whether it was “a mistake” to recuse himself in March 2017, Sessions smiled and shifted uncomfortably before saying: “No, I don’t.”

“No, I think that’s what I had to do,” he added.

The former Alabama senator told the audience that regulations state that if someone participates in a campaign, then they can’t investigate that campaign, and he called that “pretty reasonable.”

“I was chairman of the National Security Committee of the Trump campaign and participated in it. So I didn’t feel like it was, that’s what I was advised, by the professionals, career people in the department and I felt like I had to recuse myself,” he said.

President Trump has repeatedly torn into his attorney general over everything from his failure to pursue a potential prosecution of Hillary Clinton more vigorously to his decision to ask the inspector general to review alleged surveillance abuse by intelligence agencies.

“Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!” Trump tweeted this month about the latter…….





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