Attorney General Sessions Lays Down the Law!

Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, criminals will no longer receive the pat on the wrist that they were used to during the Obama/Holder era. The AG is all for toeing the line when it comes to criminal punishment. Minimum sentencing standards will be met while he has a say in the matter. This was outlined in a memo that he sent to 94 United States Attorneys General. As you have come to expect, the ACLU and other civil rights groups are now outraged that the law will be evenly applied as is designed. Maybe this will help deter crime just like other policies of President Donald Trump have decreased illegal immigration.




As Written, Reported by and seen first on Fox News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ office sent out a letter late Thursday to the nation’s federal prosecutors instructing them to pursue the most serious charges possible against most criminal suspects.

The move will send more people to prison and for much longer terms by triggering mandatory minimum sentences.

Officials at the Department of Justice said the new guidelines are a direct rebuttal of policies implemented under President Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder.

The memo is already being referred to as “the Sessions Memo.” The 94 U.S. attorneys were instructed in the memo to “charge and pursue the most serious and readily provable offense.”

These cases often carry the longest sentences.The memo also brings back into effect mandatory minimum sentences, which are expected to increase prosecutions and the prison population.

Holder, who served under the Obama administration, implemented the “Smart on Crime” drug sentencing policy that focused on not incarcerating people who committed low level non-violent crimes……..


Sessions’ office releases memo to all 94 US attorneys calling for reversal of Holder-era policy | Fox News

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