[Audio] Allen West “Another US city becoming hotbed for radicalism, jihadism and recruiting”

By: Chris Cassidy for the Boston Herald

A retired Army commander is warning that the Bay State is now among the top breeding grounds in America for homegrown terrorists after a report that a former Stoughton man is helping to run social media for ISIS.

“This is a critical time,” retired Lt. Col. Allen West told Boston Herald Radio yesterday. “Think about the Tsarnaev brothers. They were right here in Boston. So in Boston, another hotbed for radicalism and jihadism and another recruiting ground. We know Dearborn, Michigan, is one. We understand Chicago as well, and Minneapolis. We have got to start focusing on where these hotbeds are and we have to have the right type of domestic criminal investigation into it.”

The Herald reported yesterday that 32-year-old computer expert Ahmad Abousamra is suspected of using the tech skills he honed at Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts at Boston to spread the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s anti-American message of hate on social media.

Abousamra, who graduated from Stoughton High School in 1999 and has dual U.S. and Syrian citizenship, was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list last year.


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