AUDIO: Allen West with Larry O’Çonnor “Obama and Holder, tilting the scales of justice”

VIDEO BY WMAL Washington Published on Aug 22, 2014

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Former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West criticized President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for injecting themselves and politics into the investigation of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., this week.

Appearing on WMAL radio in Washington this morning, West said the president and attorney general were “tilting the scales of justice” by stepping into the investigation. “You remember the Trayvon Martin case? Where Barack Obama said if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon? And now you have Eric Holder doing the same thing,” West said.

“Just a couple weeks ago you had Eric Holder said he was proud to be an activist,” West continued. “I don’t think this is a good attorney general who is allowing the justice to play out for both sides.”

“Why didn’t he visit the police officer as well?” he asked. “Why didn’t Eric Holder and everyone go to Chicago with the countless amounts of murders of young black man there?”


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